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Digital Economy

Digital transformation, regulatory framework, and digital infrastructure development.

Bahrain’s Digital Economy

Our goal as a nation is to be the leading digital economy in the region. To achieve this goal, we have implemented several initiatives and projects to get our kingdom in the right path of the economic digitization.

The government has laid out robust regulation, from personal data protection and eTransaction laws to fintech policies which supported in laying a solid foundation for the Kingdom’s digital economy.

Thanks to the necessary regulatory framework, policies, and infrastructure development, Bahrain has created a digital ecosystem that make business more efficient and competitive, with the essential support for a smooth digital transformation at the national level.

As a result of these initiatives and projects; the Kingdom of Bahrain ranked 4th in the Arab digital economy report 2020, and ranked 3rd among Arab states and 40th globally in the 2021 “Heritage” index of economic freedom and it is now the leading country in the region in financial technology FinTech.

Creating a Cloud Nation

Bahrain adopted a Cloud First’ approach for government ministries and agencies to consider cloud computing solutions as a primary part of their information technology planning and procurement.

The Kingdom of Bahrain have a Cloud-First policy (PDF, 11 pages, 893KB) with the aim of:

  • Reducing costs of government ICT by eliminating duplication of solutions and fragmentations in the technology environment, together with leveraging the efficiencies of on-demand provisioning of ICT services.
  • Increasing security by utilizing accredited platforms.
  • Increasing productivity and agility, thus improving citizen services

In addition to Cloud First Policy, new Data Protection and Data Jurisdiction Laws are the latest advances to laws and regulations that supports Bahrain digital economy. The Personal Data Protection Law outlines the specific conditions for the processing, storing, and transferring of sensitive personal data ensuring privacy and security of data at all times. 

Innovation Driven Economy  

Bahrain has a Business-Friendly economy with world-class ICT infrastructure and business environment and has the most diversified economy in the GCC region.  

Currently Bahrain is focused on its economic growth in the digital economy by empowering local organizations to expedite their digital transformation journey and investing in emerging technologies. 

The Kingdom’s legislation and infrastructure development paved the way to empowering the private sector to take the lead in research and development of emerging technologies; identifying and supplying innovative solutions and creating opportunities to improve revenues and helped in attracting the inward foreign investments to Bahrain.

Protecting intellectual property

The Kingdom of Bahrain laws protects the intellectual property and is committed to enforce world-class intellectual property rights protections.

Bahrain launched the “Technology Transfer” program which aims to increase patents in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and to embrace inventions and turn them into projects that contribute to creating jobs for citizens. The program links the academic sector with the industrial and commercial sectors in the Kingdom to contribute in building partnerships between businesses and innovative entrepreneurs.  

Related laws and reglations

Cloud first policy (PDF, 11 pages, 893KB).

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