Social Welfare and Community

Fostering a United Community: Bahrain's Path to Social Welfare.

How does the Kingdom of Bahrain weave a tapestry of social harmony and inclusivity? In a mosaic of traditional values and innovative strategies, Bahrain stands as a beacon of social welfare and community well-being. This vibrant kingdom is dedicated to fostering equity across its diverse society, ensuring that every voice is heard, and every individual is supported as per the “United Nations’ “Leave No One Behind Principle.” The Kingdom of Bahrain ensures that online services, content, information, and data are available for all segments of the population. Bahrain Trust Foundation’s goal is to create smart and practical solutions that secure a better life for people living in a long-term crisis and those who do not have access to adequate standards of living. Its vision is to provide individuals in need with a supportive ecosystem and tools to allow them to change their lives for the better.

The Ministry of Social Development is concerned with providing social assistance represented by social security, financial support for people with low incomes (high-cost premium), disability pension, compensation for housing fires, and Compensation Subsidies on Meat Service; this is in the context of raising the living standard of the society groups, those who were guaranteed the right to the Constitution to enable them socially and economically.  For more information, visit the Social Assistance services.

Bahrainis strongly support the Zakat and Charity Fund, which is the entity responsible for collecting zakat and donations in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the aim of utilizing them to support families in need. The Fund raises awareness about zakat, explains its provisions, develops the sources and the mechanisms for its collection and disbursement, and aids families who are eligible for it.

The Ministry of Interior has launched a new initiative “Fa’el Khair” for charity. This innovative eService allows users wishing to make financial charitable donations as crowdfunding supports people with financial court cases to be settled through different online payment platforms as part of social responsibility and community support. The initiative aims to bring joy and happiness to Bahraini citizens with unpaid fines and their families.

Equality in Unity for a Balanced Community

Bahrain's approach to social welfare and community support aligns with global best practices, as evidenced by its commitment to ensuring a safe, dignified life for all. Anchored in the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  and the nation's Constitution, Bahrain prioritizes social security, aiming to provide a decent standard of living, housing, employment, and comprehensive social welfare. This commitment is a cornerstone of the Government Plan (Arabic only) and the National Development Strategy 2030, emphasizing inclusivity and the principle of “Leaving No One Behind” in all aspects of government service delivery.


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Content Last Updated: 20 May, 2024

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