Electricity and Water

Electricity, water, and securing water and energy resources

The Government provides highly reliable electricity and water services, meeting its sustainability goals and the economic objectives of Vision 2030. In line with its efforts to continue to improve the standard of living in the Kingdom, it ensures continuity of the services and that they conform to GCC and international specifications.

The use of renewable energy is encouraged to further improve energy efficiency, which, along with water efficiency, is among Bahrain’s priorities. The Government, with the support of various stakeholders, has taken strategic measures to balance energy production and use, including converting waste into energy to limit consumption, and prioritising energy conversion and renewable energy use. The Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) considers its services to be a main factor of sustainable urban growth and rapid infrastructural development, including the establishment of modern industrial and residential areas. EWA provides uninterrupted electricity and water services to all subscribers, entrusting a major part of its operations to the private sector so it can focus on its core activities. As things currently stand, private sector production accounts for 79% of electricity produced and 73% of water.

EWA provides subscribers with eServices so that they can independently manage and request transactions such as bill payment, meter readings and technical services. They can also compare their usage to the Annual Consumption Index, view consumption unit tariffs and check if they are entitled to government support.


Use the provided eServices immediately, effortlessly, and around the clock.

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Content Last Updated: 05 Jul, 2023

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