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Work Permit For Golden Visa Holders

Issuing a work permit for the of golden Visa holders that was issued prviously by the Nationality , Passport & Residence Affairs

Service Conditions

  • Expatriate must have a (valid ) golden Visa .
  • Commercial register must have no offenses .
  • Expatriate’s passport must at least have 6 months validity .
  • If the expatriates current status is ( To_Be_ Renewed ) and still has not expired , then termination form must be attached to enable LMRA to cancel the workpermit without charging administrative fees charges , and to immediately apply for a local employment permit for the expatriate .

Required Attachments

  • Copy of the expatriates smart card ( if available)
  • Copy of the golden visa
  • Copy of the passport
  • Bilingual contract ( should contain Arabic Language) printed and stamped on the company’s letterhead or government document.
  • No objection certificate to be attached from the concerned authority for specialized occupations .
  • Copy of the applicant’s smart card from both sides ( optional)
  • Copy of the commercial register certificate or proof of property ownership if applying for businessman permit


  • 172 BD : for one year including the work permit fees and basic health fees
  • 250 BD : for 1 year for permits obtained via parallel Bahrainization
  • 5 BD : Administrative fees charges that will be charged to the monthly invoice of the commercial register
  • Note : The fees is collected during the application of the service or charged to the monthly invoice

Process Time

  • 10 Working days

Service Provider

Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture

Service Processes

  • Submitting the required documents via the eServices system (e_Support).
  • The application is verified and then approved or rejected withing 10 working days .

  • Physical attendance to one of LMRA branches and bring in the required documents.
  • The application is verified and then approved or rejected withing 10 working days .
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