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Cancellation of Employment Office License

The license holder may apply to cancel the license granted to him/her. LMRA shall cancel the license after ensuring that there are no pending financial or administrative obligations.

Service Conditions

  • The application is subject to the provisions, laws, regulations, bylaws and decisions issued by the concerned executive.
  • Notify the authority immediately when the data contained in the application is changed or updated, or immediately upon liquidation of its activity, declaration of bankruptcy, or cancellation of the commercial register in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
  • Payment of all fees due to LMRA.
  • The amount of the financial guarantee deposited in LMRA’s account shall be refunded three months after the date license was revoked, according to administrative procedures.

Required Attachments

  • Filling out an application form for issuing or canceling an employment office license.
  • An extract from the bank showing the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for the transfer of the financial guarantee amount.
  • A copy of the license cancellation announcement in one of the local daily newspapers requesting employers to claim any financial compensation or other related matters towards the office by using (the cancellation announcement form template attached to the other documents).

Legal Regulations

  • Article No. (28, 29)
  • Law No. (19) of 2006 regulating the labour market
  • Resolution No. (1) of 2014 regulating licenses for employment offices.

Process Time

  • 10 Working Days

Service Provider

Labour Market Regulatory Authority

Service Processes

  • Physical attendance to the front desks of the licensing department in the Labour Market Regulatory Authority

  • Submitting a request electronically via the electronic Services (e_Support)

  • Submitting a request by sending the required documents to the following email :

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