About Saved Cards Feature

The “Saved Cards” feature allows you to save credit and debit card details for easier & faster future payments. The “Saved Card” feature will be eligible for the logged-in users only. In order to benefit from this feature, you must log in to the service channel using your username and password.

To use the “Saved Card” feature, you must enter the new credit card and accept the “Saving Credit Card” option on the “payment information” page. For debit card, saving debit cards option will be in the “Benefit” landing page, to use the “Saved Card” feature, you must enter the payment card information and select the “Saving card” option (checkbox).

All saved credit cards will be displayed on the “Payment Information” page along with other payment methods. You have the option to pay with a saved card or use another new card. If a saved card is selected to pay, you will be requested to enter your Card Security Code (CVV) and a One Time Password (OTP) code that will be sent to your registered phone number to proceed.

To view and manage the saved credit cards, you have to log in to the portal and navigate to “Manage Personal Profile” section. Saved debit card/s can be managed on the “Benefit” payment gateway page. The logged-in user can pay by a previously saved card, delete a saved debit card, or pay using a new debit card.

Your Security is Important to Us!

We do not store your credit or debit card information. The online payments are passed via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to a payment service provider to keep the internet connection secure and safeguard any sensitive data that is being sent. In addition, information is tokenized, preventing reading and modifying any information transferred between two systems.  The payment service provider is PCI compliant, ensuring that your information is handled according to industry security standards.
Contact us on Customer.Care@iga.gov.bh for further information about the security of your personal information.


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Content Last Updated: 07 May, 2024

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