Participatory Budget

Financial and performance reports, and public budget.

Financial policies in the Kingdom of Bahrain are carefully created to focus on promoting economic growth, encouraging foreign investment, and with the aim to promote transparency and provide the public with the right to access budget-related information.

Participatory Budget

The financial policies of the Kingdom of Bahrain are formulated and implemented in line with Economic Vision 2030. They aim to achieve fiscal balance by enhancing the national economy through programs that strengthen the financial and economic foundation of the Kingdom, ensuring sustainable economic growth and the utilization of national resources in a way that benefits citizens and future generations.

In line with the principle of participation, the Kingdom of Bahrain presents numerous financial reports, public budgets, and performance reports issued by the Ministry of Finance and National Economy, as well as several ministries and government entities, with the aim of promoting transparency and providing everyone with the right to access budget-related information. The Kingdom grants citizens the right to access and review the public revenues and expenditures of ministries and government entities, in addition to government subsidy data, project expenditures, revenues and expenditures of municipalities and the capital municipality, along with various financial reports and performance reports.

Community Participation in Budget Preparation

The Kingdom of Bahrain allows citizens to have an auditing and monitoring role in the process after the allocation of the Kingdom’s public budget by the Ministry of Finance and National Economy. This is done by granting citizens the right to see where the budget is being spent. In this way, budgets can be spent in a manner that better reflects the strengths, needs, and aspirations of citizens, increasing their effectiveness.

Content Last Updated: 24 Aug, 2023

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