In line with Bahrain Economic Vision 2030, and recognizing the importance of communication between the government and all segments of society, the Kingdom has launched an eParticipation initiative that includes several channels that encourage participation and expression, aiming to involve all members of society as contributors to national development and growth.

Recognizing the immense potential of Bahrainis and residents to effect positive change and excel in various domains, the government, through the eParticipation initiative, seeks to actively embrace and leverage your valuable contributions. We are eager to hear your ideas, consider your perspectives, and welcome your innovative suggestions through the various eParticipation channels.

Engagement Topics

We value your feedback and acknowledge the positive impact of your suggestions and ideas in enhancing your experience with government services and designing policies.


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eGovernment Blog

We, at the Information & eGovernment Authority, are pleased to communicate with you through this interactive corner, where we present eGovernment related services and topics, to exchange views on them with you, which reflect the interest of the Information & eGovernment Authority to achieve the widest possible participation by surfers and users of The national portal.

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