Medical Emergencies

This section outlines how to access emergency medical services, what constitutes an acute medical emergency, how to approach a victim of an accident or sudden illness, and the ambulance services available in the Kingdom.

The Emergency Medical Services are highly responsive to all emergency calls and requests. Simply dial the toll-free number 999 from any phone to call for ambulance services. Please familiarize yourself with the emergency calls guidelines.

Acute emergencies include road traffic accidents; cardiac cases; acute respiratory conditions; all trauma, burn, psychiatry, and home births cases; neonatal care; dead on location cases, and others.

There are public and private hospitals and medical clinics in Bahrain where emergency services are undertaken under the custody of National Health Regulatory Authority and Ministry of Health.

Approaching the victim

The process of first aid begins before any direct person-to-person contact with the victim. Approach the incident with caution and take steps to make the area safe while you get help. This can contribute as much to the casualty’s survival and ultimate wellbeing as any subsequent interventions or medical treatment.

First Aid

First Aid is the first assistance or treatments given to a casualty for any injury or sudden illness before the arrival of an ambulance or qualified medical expert. It is one of the fundamental steps in emergency services. You can register for a First Aid training course with Bahrain Red Crescent Society

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Other medical emergency numbers

Depending on your location, you may also call the following numbers:

National Ambulance Project

The National Ambulance Project was launched by Royal decree in 2019 to enhance the responsiveness of Bahrain’s emergency medical services.

The National Ambulance Centre manages the nation’s entire ambulance network, linking it to the ambulance centres and emergency departments of the Salmaniya Medical Complex, the Bahrain Defence Force Hospital, and the King Hamad University Hospital. This ensures a swift response throughout the Kingdom, in line with international best practices.


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Content Last Updated: 09 Jul, 2024

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