Road Regulations and Safety

Traffic Law

Bahrain’s traffic safety standards meet regional and global standards. The Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Directorate of Traffic, holds regular awareness campaigns to educate the public about traffic safety and the importance of adhering to laws and safety guidelines.

Traffic Law No. 23 of 2014, which pertains to the installation of smart systems to catch offenders who speed and cross red lights, led to a decrease in overall traffic accidents and fatal incidents. The law also resulted in the adoption of a points system to penalize repeat traffic violators, and an electronic system covering the renewal of driving licenses and vehicle registrations, traffic fines, and communication with the public via SMS.

The Kingdom of Bahrain marks Traffic Week in March every year to give the opportunity for road users to interact with traffic authorities and highlight the roles that everyone must play to improve road safety.

To know more about the laws and regulations when driving in Bahrain, you can view the Traffic Law issued by the General Directorate of Traffic.

Road Signs

Road safety for all is a priority for the Ministry of Works. The mission is to reduce the number of traffic incidents and ensure a smooth flow of traffic via sophisticated road networks. Colour-coded traffic signs remind drivers to drive safely, while protective metal or concrete barriers are strategically placed to prevent pedestrians or stray animals from crossing busy highways and potentially causing accidents, and also help keep cars in their lanes. 

Road signs are safety and preventive measures to reduce and prevent traffic accidents to ensure the safety of human beings and their property and to preserve the security of the country and its human and economic foundations.

Traffic Signals

Traffic lights in the Kingdom of Bahrain use a green intermittent flashing system which gives drivers adequate warning before switching to the yellow light, and eventually the red. While the light is flashing green, drivers have sufficient time to come to a safe stop, improving road safety and reducing traffic accidents.

Car Parks

Car parking in Bahrain is hassle-free, with commercial complexes, residential neighbourhoods, and popular malls providing free parking for visitors. In busier areas, you will find metered parking spots maintained by the Ministry of Works for your convenience.


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Content Last Updated: 04 Sep, 2023

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