Empowering All, Advancing Together: Bahrain's Proactive Path to Equality and Inclusion.

In its commitment to creating a society where equality is the norm, the Kingdom of Bahrain has implemented policies and legislation that ensure individuals are treated as equals before the law, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, religion, or abilities. This dedication aligns with various Social Development Goals (SDGs) and reflects the nation's aspiration to be a global beacon of inclusivity and fairness.

One of the most significant achievements in this pursuit was the early 1990s realization of the "Health-for-All" objective, granting comprehensive healthcare access to all citizens and residents. This commitment continues to thrive today, with the government providing free healthcare services from birth and extending specialized care to even the most vulnerable segments of society, such as the elderly, children, and persons with special needs.

Bahrain also champions accessible education for all. Citizens attending government schools benefit from free education, while older individuals can pursue learning through literacy and continuing education programs administered by the Ministry of Education. Additionally, the Special Education Directorate tailors programs and curricula to support individuals with disabilities, ensuring that no one is left behind on the path to knowledge.

The Information & eGovernment Authority plays a pivotal role in this journey, tirelessly striving to enhance government eServices through the Digital Transformation Program for Government Services. These services are not only optimized but also made available through various channels, ensuring accessibility to all members of society without exception.

The Kingdom launched its first unemployment insurance scheme in 2006, which provides unemployment protection for national and foreign workers in the public and private sectors and for unemployed youth who are first-time job seekers. The program has been hailed for reducing inequality in access to unemployment protection between nationals and migrant workers.

Bahrain has steadfastly promoted gender equality and equal opportunities, granting women equal rights under the law. This commitment empowers Bahraini women to excel and contribute to a balanced and diverse society where opportunities flourish for all. It should be noted that the first public school for girls was opened in 1928, making the country the first in the region to provide a formal education to girls.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has made remarkable progress in advancing gender equality and empowering women. Women in Bahrain have gone through the traditional phases of empowerment and the attainment of rights to become important partners in every aspect of development. Their participation in the workforce and economic, social, and cultural activities, as well as in every other aspect of public life, has increased to the point that women now act on an equal footing with men and represent an essential component of comprehensive development and a driver of the national economy. Hence, the proportion of Bahraini women in executive positions in the public sector reached 46%.

Bahrain has made significant national efforts to ensure equality in women’s empowerment, super-headed by the Supreme Council of Women, such as the National Strategy for the Advancement of Bahraini Women, the National Gender Balance Model and Report, and the National Observatory for Gender Balance Indicators.


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As we navigate through the digital age, Bahrain confirms its commitment to transparency and innovation through the Open Data initiative through Bahrain’s Open Data Portal. This platform is a testament to our dedication to making government data openly available, supporting the principles of accountability and enabling informed decision-making. By providing access to a treasure trove of data, we empower everyone to explore, analyze, and create solutions that drive social and economic progress. The initiative underscores our belief in the power of data to transform lives, foster a culture of knowledge-sharing, and stimulate growth.

We encourage you to leverage this valuable resource, sparking innovation and contributing to the Kingdom’s development. For an enriching journey into the world of Open Data, and to explore the possibilities, visit Bahrain’s Open Data Portal

Together, let's embrace the opportunity to contribute to Bahrain's digital evolution and ensure that our journey towards national development is a shared endeavor. 

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Content Last Updated: 14 Jul, 2024

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