Innovation in the Public Sector

Revolutionizing Governance: Bahrain's Leap Towards Innovative Public Service

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The Kingdom of Bahrain is diligently focusing on the enhancing its public services, making them more innovative and efficient, with the goal of achieving significant objectives. This commitment is carried out through two primary approaches to secure a brighter future with innovation. Initially, there is a concentration on providing technology and innovation education for public sector employees. To support this, the Bahrain government has established training programs through the Institute of Public Administration (BIPA) for its civil servants. Subsequently, enhancements have been made to their call center Silah Gulf by ensuring adequate staffing and integrating artificial intelligence (AI) to respond to inquiries from citizens, residents, and visitors.

Creating an environment conducive to innovation is paramount. Bahrain has established accelerators and incubators to nurture pioneering ideas and provide legal protection for intellectual endeavors. Efforts to attract foreign investment into innovative sectors further bolster this ecosystem, fostering creativity and facilitating the realization of groundbreaking solutions.

The Bahraini government, under the guidance of Royal Decree No. (84) of 2023, has established a dedicated Directorate within the Information & eGovernment Authority, focused solely on Innovation and Advanced Technology. This Directorate assumes a crucial role in fostering innovation across the public sector by conducting extensive research, studies, and implementing policies to create an environment conducive to innovation. Bahrain is on a transformative journey to adopt cutting-edge technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, to enhance the quality of governmental services. Leading this initiative is the Directorate of Innovation and Advanced Technologies, which plays a pivotal role in nurturing a culture of digital advancement. Through proactive engagement on both international and regional levels, collaboration with esteemed research institutions, and strategic partnerships with major corporations, the Directorate empowers various governmental sectors to unlock their innovation potential. With tailored support and expertise, it acts as a catalyst for these sectors to embrace state-of-the-art solutions, thereby revolutionizing service delivery and positioning Bahrain as a pioneer in digital transformation.

Bahrain celebrates and promotes innovation through prestigious awards and competitions. Prestigious awards and competitions, such as the eGovernment Excellence Award, recognize and encourage innovation in both the public and private sectors and has become a symbol of technological and digital advancement. Also, the Government Innovation Competition (Fikra Competition), empowers public sector employees to generate and contribute ideas for enhancing public services, embodying the spirit of participatory governance. Winning ideas take their way for implementation in partnership with the concerned government entities.

On the other side, the Central Bank of Bahrain has shed light closely on innovation in Financial Technology (FinTech) regulation. It includes introducing a Regulatory Sandbox that will allow startups, FinTech firms, and licensees to provide innovative banking and financial solutions, in addition to the issuance of Crowdfunding regulations for both conventional and Sharia-compliant services.

During global challenges, Bahrain's proactive approach to using technology has been pivotal. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the nation's innovative strategy was highlighted through the introduction of the BeAware App by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA). Utilizing AI and Big Data analytics, the app aimed to significantly curb the virus's spread. This swift action not only demonstrated the public sector's adaptability but also emphasized the essential role of technological solutions in effective crisis management.

To enable e-participation and foster enhanced connectivity between citizens and various governmental entities within the Kingdom of Bahrain, the National Suggestion & Complaint System "Tawasul" serves as an innovative and sophisticatedly integrated platform. Through this innovative system, citizens can conveniently communicate their inquiries and complaints, actively contributing to the decision-making processes that shape their quality of life and the services provided to the public. Tawasul's dedicated teams within each government entity meticulously handle each case within a predetermined timeframe, ensuring transparency and responsiveness. By embracing e-participation through Tawasul, citizens can effectively engage with their government, influencing policies and initiatives that drive the progress and development of the nation.

The Botanical Atlas Project represents a remarkable example of innovation within the public sector. By harnessing advanced technologies such as satellite imagery, remote sensing techniques, and field surveys, this pioneering initiative has produced a comprehensive collection of vegetation cover maps, classifications, and spatial information pertaining to agricultural crops in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Hosted on the National Geographic Database (GIS) platform, the project has not only revolutionized our understanding of plant health but has also identified and classified a diverse range of agricultural habitats. These habitats encompass various ecosystems, including cultivated areas, natural landscapes, and other distinct agricultural regions. By leveraging cutting-edge techniques and fostering innovation, the Botanical Atlas Project equips the public sector with invaluable data for informed decision-making, efficient resource management, and the advancement of sustainable development throughout the Kingdom.

The National Open Data Portal of Bahrain, established by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), serves as a platform for promoting transparency, collaboration, and innovation within the public sector, benefiting both researchers and citizens. By offering unrestricted access to a diverse range of datasets collected by government agencies, the portal empowers citizens to actively engage with public data and gain valuable insights into various sectors, including demography, economy, health, education, and transportation. This open access to information enables citizens to make informed decisions, hold the government accountable, and actively participate in the development and improvement of public services. Moreover, the availability of machine-readable datasets allows citizens to analyze and visualize data, fostering a data-driven culture that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. By providing a participatory approach through user feedback and suggestions, the portal ensures that citizens' perspectives and expertise contribute to the innovation process, leading to more inclusive and citizen-centric solutions within the public sector. In this way, the National Open Data Portal of Bahrain not only facilitates academic research but also empowers citizens to actively participate in shaping their society and driving innovation for the betterment of all.

These collective efforts underscore Bahrain's commitment to becoming a dynamic, innovative force in the public sector, aligned with the goals of Economic Vision 2030. By embracing innovation and advanced technologies, Bahrain is poised to realize sustainable development, foster inclusive growth, and strengthen partnerships for a prosperous future.


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As we navigate through the digital age, Bahrain confirms its commitment to transparency and innovation through the Open Data initiative through Bahrain’s Open Data Portal. This platform is a testament to our dedication to making government data openly available, supporting the principles of accountability and enabling informed decision-making. By providing access to a treasure trove of data, we empower everyone to explore, analyze, and create solutions that drive social and economic progress. The initiative underscores our belief in the power of data to transform lives, foster a culture of knowledge-sharing, and stimulate growth.

We encourage you to leverage this valuable resource, sparking innovation and contributing to the Kingdom’s development. For an enriching journey into the world of Open Data, and to explore the possibilities, visit Bahrain’s Open Data Portal.

Together, let's embrace the opportunity to contribute to Bahrain's digital evolution and ensure that our journey towards national development is a shared endeavor. 

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Content Last Updated: 26 Jun, 2024

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