Digital Security Networks

Collaborating on digital platforms, especially in cybersecurity, to resonate with SDG global partnership goals.

Can the Kingdom of Bahrain's digital security networks stand the test of relentless cyber threats? In the realm of cybersecurity collaboration, especially in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Bahrain unveils its strategies to fortify its digital defenses and align with global partnership goals.

Information Security Projects and Program

With the surge in cybercrimes worldwide, ensuring information security has become imperative. Bahrain, known for its robust IT infrastructure, faces increased vulnerability to online threats that can potentially pose public risks. To counter these challenges and fortify data security readiness,the Government of Bahrain has implemented a range of measures to shield against cyber threats.

The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), established through Decree 65 of 2020 (PDF, 83 KB, 2 pages, Arabic Only), plays a pivotal role in creating a secure and trusted cyberspace protected from electronic threats and attacks. Its mandate includes developing and overseeing the national cybersecurity strategy, with a focus on safeguarding Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), governance, cybersecurity awareness, threat intelligence sharing, incident response, partnership strengthening, cooperation enhancement, and workforce development.

Several noteworthy information security programs and initiatives have been launched with the aim of enhancing data security in governmental and semi-governmental entities. Some of these initiatives include:

Thiqa (Cyber Trust) Program

The 'Thiqa' Cyber Trust Program is designed to bolster data security in governmental and semi-governmental entities. Its objectives encompass elevating technical readiness and capabilities to establish a sustainable digital environment, aligning with international cybersecurity standards and criteria.

Goals of the 'Thiqa' Programme:

  • Enhance the ICT sector's ability to manage and mitigate risks.
  • Foster the development of national expertise in information security.
  • Raise awareness of information security among users of government eServices.
  • Improve information security knowledge management.
  • Elevate Bahrain's position in the regional and global information security landscape.
  • Evaluate the information security posture of government entities.

Cyber Hawks

Cyber Hawks is a collaborative initiative that brings together cybersecurity experts from various government entities in Bahrain. Its primary objective is to enhance cooperation among these specialists in identifying and mitigating cybersecurity threats.

Threat Advisory Service

The Threat Advisory Service, presented by the Kingdom's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), offers detailed insights, charts about malware, information on new threats, and recommendations for addressing them. It has provided over 150 recommendations and garnered approximately 200 subscribers from various sectors. Additionally, it incorporates the use of ATT&CK, a global organization offering a database of methods and techniques to combat threats based on real-world observations.

Evaluating eGovernment Services and Websites Security

Assessing the security levels of eGovernment services and websites involves the use of several security programs and tools critical for enhancing information security, maintaining confidentiality, and safeguarding against piracy. These evaluations play a pivotal role in managing information security risks, mitigating security threats, and identifying and rectifying weaknesses that could jeopardize user data.

SafeSurf Bahrain

SafeSurf Bahrain, an initiative initiated by the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA), aims to cultivate a safer digital environment by educating citizens and residents of Bahrain on responsible technology usage. The initiative's website offers valuable information for families and covers a range of topics related to digital safety. Through SafeSurf Bahrain, users can acquire knowledge about best practices for online safety.

As part of its Cloud-First Policy (PDF, 1110 KB, 11 pages), Bahrain is committed to expediting the transition to cloud computing, presenting significant opportunities for technology companies specializing in information security solutions to launch technology products that ensure information security protection on cloud computing.

The Cyber Safety Award

The Cyber Safety Award, an annual program launched by SafeSurf Bahrain and the TRA, encourages educational organizations to create educational content in the form of short films. This prestigious award acknowledges exceptional efforts in promoting cyber safety and digital literacy within Bahrain's educational sector.


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Content Last Updated: 01 Jul, 2024

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