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Information Security Projects and Programmes

As cybercrimes continue to rise globally, information security has become indispensable. Bahrain, a leading country in developing IT infrastructure, is more susceptible to online threats that can pose a public threat. To counter these risks and enhance data security readiness, the Bahrain government has taken various precautions to safeguard against cyber threats.
The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) was formed per Decree 65 of 2020 with the aim to provide a secure and trusted cyberspace protected from electronic threats and attacks by developing and overseeing the implementation of the national cybersecurity strategy, which focuses on protecting the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), ensuring effective governance, raising cybersecurity awareness, sharing threat intelligence, responding to incidents, strengthening partnership and cooperations, and developing the workforce.
The Government has launched numerous information security programs and initiatives, with a focus on enhancing data security at governmental and semi-governmental entities. Some of these initiatives are:

Thiqa (Cyber Trust) Programme
The 'Thiqa' Cyber Trust Programme to enhance data security at governmental and semi-governmental entities. It aims at upscaling governmental entities' technical readiness and capabilities for a sustainable digital environment by classifying the level of their readiness based against international cybersecurity standards and criteria. 
Thiqa' aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Enhance the ICT sector's ability to manage and mitigate risks.
  • Support the ongoing development of national expertise in information security.
  • Increase awareness of information security among users of government eServices.
  • Improve the management of information security knowledge.
  • Boost Bahrain's standing in the regional and global information security landscape.
  • Evaluate the information security posture of government entities.

Cyber Hawks
Cyber Hawks is a collaborative initiative that unites cybersecurity experts from multiple government entities in the Kingdom. The main objective of Cyber Hawks is to improve cooperation among these specialists in identifying and mitigating cybersecurity threats. 

Threat Advisory Service
The Threat Advisory Service is a document presented by the Kingdom's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). It provides details and charts about malware, new threats, and recommendations for tackling them. The service has delivered:

  • Over 150 recommendations
  • Approximately 200 subscribers from various sectors. 
  • It also includes the addition of ATT&CK to the Threat Advisory Service, a global organization that provides a database of methods and techniques to combat threats based on real-world observations.

Evaluating the security levels of eGovernment services and websites
Evaluating eGovernment services and websites' security levels involves using several security programs and tools, which are critical in enhancing their information security posture, maintaining confidentiality, and safeguarding against piracy.
Through these evaluations, information security risks are managed, security threats are mitigated, and any weaknesses that might pose a risk to users' data are identified and addressed. 

SafeSurf Bahrain
SafeSurf Bahrain, an initiative launched by the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA), aims to promote a safer digital environment by educating citizens and residents of the Kingdom on the responsible use of technology. The initiative's website is designed to cater to families and provides valuable information on various topics related to digital safety. Through SafeSurf Bahrain, users can learn about best practices for online safety. 
As part of its Cloud-First Policy (PDF, 444KB, 11 pages), Bahrain is dedicated to expediting the transition to cloud computing, which presents a significant opportunity for technology companies specializing in information security solutions.

The Cyber Safety Award
The Cyber Safety Award, an annual program initiated by SafeSurf Bahrain and the TRA, aims to encourage educational organizations to participate in creating educational content in the form of short films. This prestigious award recognizes outstanding efforts in promoting cyber safety and digital literacy in Bahrain's educational sector. 


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Content Last Updated: 28 Aug, 2023

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