National Aims

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National Policies

The Kingdom of Bahrain has been at the forefront of the development process, adopting policies and strategies to diversify its economy, improve the standard of living, and maintain a balance between economic, social, and environmental aspects. Since its adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, the government has linked its Government Plans to the 2030 SDGs. Furthermore, the establishment of the Ministry of Sustainable Development in June 2022 highlights the Kingdom's ongoing commitment to sustainable development and its efforts to achieve the SDGs in a coordinated and comprehensive manner. 

Economic Vision 2030

The Economic Vision 2030, which was launched in October 2008 by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, is a comprehensive economic vision for Bahrain, providing a clear direction for the continued development of the Kingdom’s economy and, at its heart, is a shared goal of building a better life for every Bahraini.

The Government Plan (2023-2026)

This plan will focus on the achievements of the Kingdom and its people in the light of the Fiscal Balance Program that, aims at creating a balance between public expenditure and revenues to achieve economic growth, financial stability, and sustainable development. The Government Action Plan was developed in line with the main pillars, policies, and initiatives desired to be achieved during the coming four years to maintain security and stability and to provide necessary services to the citizen. This will be reached by building on the current gains, avoiding any future burdens on citizens, and improving living conditions to enhance citizen-driven development. 

Government Action Plan and Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030

Launched in 2008, Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030 is a long-term strategic plan for the economic development of Bahrain. The Vision is based on three main principles: sustainability, fairness, and competitiveness.


The Vision aims to ensure that Bahrain's economic development is sustainable in the long term. This means that it must be environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable.


The Vision aims to create a more equitable society in Bahrain. This means that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their background. 


The Vision aims to make Bahrain a more competitive economy. This means that it must be able to create an environment that attracts investment, creates jobs, and sustains economic growth. 

The Government Plan is aligned with Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aims to build on the gains made by the government and its people. The primary goal is to support development and improve the living conditions of citizens, enabling them to focus on activities that contribute to sustainable growth. 

The first step is to specify our aspirations for each dimension of the Vision: economy, government, and society. This means asking ourselves: What kind of society do we want to live in? How can the private sector develop the economy? What should the role of the government be? This section outlines the aspirations for Bahrain’s future that will shape a bold policy agenda for the coming years. It also specifies how we will measure our progress in achieving our aspirations. 

  1. Economy 

Robust economic growth that benefits the people: 

  • Bahrain stimulates growth by enhancing productivity and skills. 

  • Bahrain diversifies and builds the economy by focusing on existing high-potential sectors. 

  • Bahrain transforms the economy in the longer-term by capturing emerging opportunities. 


  1. Government 

An efficient and effective government: 

  • The Government focuses on developing high-quality policies. 

  • The public sector becomes more productive and is accountable for delivering better quality products, data, and services by streamlining organizations and operations. 

  • A predictable, transparent, and fairly enforced regulatory system fosters economic growth. 

  • The sustainability of government finances is strengthened by reducing dependence on oil revenues and create other revenue streams to fund current and future expenditures. 

  • A world-class infrastructure links Bahrain to the global economy. 


  1.  Society 

A just, thriving society: 

  • A high standard of social assistance gives all Bahrainis an equal start. 

  • All Bahraini nationals and residents have access to quality healthcare. 

  • A first-rate education system enables all Bahrainis to fulfill their ambitions. 

  • A safe and secure environment. 

  • Bahraini nationals and residents enjoy a sustainable and attractive quality of life. 


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Content Last Updated: 23 Aug, 2023

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