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Your input make all the difference.

Your interaction and feedback make all the difference. We value your insights, and we hear you on all available government social platforms. Through your real time engagement, we gain valuable insights to identify areas for improvement, which allows us to proactively address public recommendations to enhance the overall effectiveness of government programs and the quality of services. Your suggestions continue to elevate the Kingdom’s digital experience. Suggestions shared on all platforms are studied by the relevant teams for their potential to enhance your digital experience.


iGA Instagram Live

Connects the public with government officials and decision makers to address enquiries and embrace suggestions to improve and broaden the horizon of services offered on national eChannels.

 View the Instagram Live sessions:

The eShabab Mobile App (YouTube video, 44 minutes 41 seconds, Arabic only)
New Features of the National Portal (YouTube video, 11 minutes 25 seconds, Arabic only)
Traffic Accidents Services - 2023 (YouTube video, 16 minutes 38 seconds, Arabic only)
Good Conduct Services - 2023 (YouTube video, 16 minutes 34 seconds, Arabic only)
Benefit Credit Report eService - 2022 (YouTube video, 23 minutes 02 seconds, Arabic only)
Insta Live with CEO of Education & Training Quality Authority - 2019 (YouTube video, 40 minutes 29 seconds, Arabic only)
The Director General of BIPA - 2018 (YouTube video, 31 minutes 29 seconds, Arabic only)
Insta Live with the Information & eGovernment Authority’s CE - 2017 (YouTube video, 04 minutes 10 seconds, Arabic only)


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Content Last Updated: 27 Aug, 2023

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