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The National Portal is seeking to provide contents related to information or services to all users; to this end, the portal has been designed and implemented in line with the highest international standards as recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and based on world’s leading practices, in order to improve the features of easy access to the portal.

The National Portal is subject to a regular evaluation process to determine the extent of compliance with the standards and principles of accessibility and browsing. If you encounter any problems during your use or browsing of the portal, please click on "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page to send your comments and suggestions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Compatibility of eGovernment Portal with Internet browsers

The National Portal is compatible with web browsers like Internet Explorer , Google Chrome , Firefox , Safari , Opera  and other major Internet browsers. We advise you to update the browser you use on a regular basis to maintain better levels of protection and enable technical features that distinguish the latest versions of browsers.

Responsive Design

The portal has been designed using reliable platform coupled with a responsive user interface framework thereby enabling the content and services to be accessed easily by both desktop (Full View) and handheld (Responsive View) devices.

With this design, a wider accessibility of eServices can be provided from virtually all platforms (desktop to mobile) to its users; ensuring cross platform brand, and content consistency.

Users with Special Needs

Driven by end-user needs, the National Portal has been designed in a way to enable all users, including special needs group, to access and use the internet. Such accessibility features available on the portal may not necessarily be applicable to the contents of other websites associated with Information & eGovernment Authority.

Users who are visually impaired can read the contents in this portal using screen-reading software, and the following are some free programms that can be downloaded and used:

People with hearing disabilities or speech difficulties can take advantage of the services offered on the National Portal via the Government Services Contact Centre by using Skype – the most popular VoIP software, and sign language experts will provide the required assistance and support.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature

The National Portal uses Text Reader feature as one of the means to help the user read the text on the portal page, without requiring to activate any other software. This feature is very useful for the visually impaired and to portal users who have difficulties in reading texts through the internet.

Movies and Video Clips

Users can watch informative video clips available for some eServices on the National Portal, which are mostly intended for guidance, identification and awareness. The portal is seeking to add more movies and video clips to enrich the site and to facilitate the use of eServices.

Font Size Change

The National Portal was designed to conform to the major Internet browsers, which contain the change font property, including change of page size.

Activating JavaScript

The JavaScript components must be activated in the used web browser, in order to better use the Portal. To activate the JavaScript components, please click on the link below to learn how to do it.

Activating JavaScript in the web browser 

PDF Files

In order to be able to view and download PDF files on the National Portal, which is used to provide various files such as brochures , reports, forms, etc., you can download Acrobat Reader for free through the following link: Download Adobe 

Social Networking Sites

National Portal users can interact with us through the use of social networking sites like Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , Instagram , and the eGovernment  Blog. We look forward to your participation and discussions, which undoubtedly, will contribute to the improvement of our services presented to you.

Please visit the eParticipation page for more details.

eGovernment Services Access for the Public

The Information & eGovernment Authority and Batelco introduced a free unrestricted access to and the ministries websites sited within the “” domain to both mobile lines and fixed line Broadband customers, aiming to benefit the citizens of Bahrain, and to add value to the overall customer experience in the kingdom. All Batelco mobile and fixed line customers shall have free unrestricted access (No data will be deducted) to the following :

  1. The National Portal main homepage
  2. All web pages featured within domain
  3. eServices provided via the portal
  4. All government websites within the “” domain

Mobile Customers who wish to access other websites outside the boundaries of the above mentioned websites will be charged as per standard rates. Fixed line customers without an active broadband subscription who wish to access other websites will be redirected to Batelco’s Prepaid Portal and will be requested to purchase a prepaid card to proceed to other websites.

The benefits of this collaboration between Batelco and the Information & eGovernment Authority are as follows:

  • Enable the acceleration of Bahrain’s social, economic and ICT development, leading to a surge in  eParticipation and eServices uptake.
  • In line with the Kingdom’s Economic vision 2030 and plan for a fully automated government
  • Provide access to all citizens of the kingdom including families of low income
  • Increase the customers eServices usage & visits to the government & ministry websites
  • Promote the use of the Information & eGovernment Authority’s  portal and associated services

Page Last Updated: 11 Dec, 2022