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The Supreme Council for Environment

On a larger scale, Bahrain has set up its own “Supreme Council for Environment”. This entity’s aim is to assist the Kingdom of Bahrain’s government in preserving and managing its environment, its natural and marine resources, its wildlife, as well as its biodiversity. To achieve that, the Public Commission needs to:

  • Conduct scientific studies
  • Sets up futuristic long-term plans
  • Increases environmental awareness
  • Places clear strategies

The Supreme Council for Environment places a strong emphasis on the concept which states that all sectors of development whether it’s economic, political, or social, will always achieve their goals in better means when they put into consideration the preservation of the environment, not only for the present, but for the future as well. As a result of its high values and dedicated work, Bahrain’s Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife received the international 'Green Apple' Environment Award in 2005 from the Green Organization based in UK. The award was handed to the commission for setting up the “Hafira” Industrial Landfill Site, and also because of its initiative in providing an area which allows safe disposal of dangerous waste.


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Page Last Updated: 18 Jul, 2017