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It is a "one stop shop Portal" and is the key service delivery channel for individuals, business, government and visitors, which integrates and provides all types of vital services.

The National Portal, available in Arabic and English, is aligned with Bahrain Strategic Vision 2030 to provide informational, interactive, and transactional services, including online payment facility and also to provide a platform for customers to give their feedback and participate in framing government policies and enhancing service delivery.

The Portal has been launched on 23rd, May, 2007, and it's being managed by the Information & eGovernment Authority as part of the Kingdom of Bahrain's national strategy to execute the comprehensive eGovernment programs.

In 3rd, November, 2008, the national portal address was changed to an easier address as result of a customer survey study which revealed the difficulty of memorizing the old address.

Click here to view the National Portal's Customer Charter

eGovernment Services Uptake

The eGovernment strategy of Bahrain has envisaged for increasing the uptake of services provided through electronic channels. There has been considerable increase in the uptake of electronic services in the Kingdom since the launch of the strategy implementation from April 2007. This is the result of the efforts of eGovernment in creating an enabling environment for people to use the services.

National Portal Statistics

The national portal statistics provides us with vital information about our customers preferences and needs, the statistics help us identifying any emerging trends at which we can respond better.

Page Last Updated: 11 Sep, 2017