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Healthcare Services

Ensuring good health and well-being of people in the Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the top priorities. The Kingdom has advanced and comprehensive healthcare systems in the region. It has a unique governance model headed by the Supreme Council of Health to set the national strategy and directions, the National Health Regulatory Authority as a regulator of health sector, and the Ministry of Health as key operator to manage the health sector in Bahrain. 


Healthcare is available through public and private institutions. Healthcare is free of charge in the public hospitals and health centers for Bahraini citizen and with nominal fee (BD.3) for non-Bahraini per visit. However, the government has introduced the National Social Health Insurance Program  which is mandatory for all individuals living in Bahrain. The government will cover the Bahrainis and domestic workers, while expatriates will be covered by their employers.


Bahrain has three stages of healthcare within their system, namely; Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Bahrain has made great effort to provide health information and services online.

Primary Health Care

Primary health care  is the cornerstone of health care available in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Ministry provides the Primary Health Care services through 25 health centers and 3 health clinics. Primary care represents first line of contact supported by good referral system which has been established with the secondary care. A free treatment provided for all Bahraini citizens. A range of curative, preventive and promotive services are provided. The curative services include all variety of health problems, like the management of chronic diseases, acute illness, urgent care, minor surgeries, elderly care, sickle’s clinics in three health centers, labors services, oral health services, and home visits. Preventive services include maternal and child health, like antenatal services, periodic children screening, immunization, postnatal services, family planning services, periodic women services, premarital Services, and ultrasound examination for pregnant ladies.


Preventive services also include oral health services like fissure sealant program, fluoride application, educational activities, maternal and child dental services, diabetics, elderly & clients with special needs. Other supportive services like physiotherapy services, diagnostic services, pharmaceutical and social services are provided. Promotive services are provided through health education services in addition to community participation educational and promotive services.

Mother & Child Healthcare

The healthcare system in Bahrain gives special attention to Mothers & Child  and there is a dedicated unit in each hospital for Mother & Child healthcare. It is part of the preventive healthcare provided by the Ministry of Health to ensure the good health and wellbeing of all mothers and child before and after birth. 


These efforts are in line with Sustainable Development Goal number 3 : Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.


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The healthcare services provided by Bahrain are not limited to infants and children only, but the cycle starts from the close attention to pregnant women through motherhood and child care program. There are numbers of health services dedicated to expecting women such as vaccinations, follow-up during pregnancy and checking on their health status. In addition, the program includes awareness sessions for post pregnancy such as breastfeeding, children vaccinations and other related matters.


Bahrain has embraced all these initiatives in line with Bahrain’s 2030 Strategy and to achieve Goal (3) of the sustainable development goals - Good Health and Well-Being for All Society Members.


When your baby arrives, the healthcare services journey begins with the issuance of the birth certificate, Identity Card, and the free-of-charge scheduled vaccinations along with many healthcare services.


You may avail number of online health services related to mother and child  such as:  



The Ministry of Health provides its services through the National Health Information System (I-SEHA ), which is a part of the Ministry's strategy towards technological transformation and the national health system development to better serve all citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Women Access to Education

Women in Bahrain has been privileged with education since 1928 when the first formal school in the region has been established for women. Since then, Bahraini women has been empowered with the highest levels of education to serve her country in all fields. Today Bahraini women holds senior positions in all fields including political, educational, science, logistics, economic and many more.  

The Kingdom has almost closed its gender gap in educational attainment reaching to 99% as per WEF Global Gender Gap Report 2018. Bahrain has come 1st globally in closing its gender gap in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education enrollment rates.

Therefore, women in Bahrain has contributed in thriving the ecosystem. She has added great value to the national development and economic growth. The number of CRs owned by women has increased remarkably in addition to having more SMEs, and startups run by women.

Page Last Updated: 18 Sep, 2019