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1919 marked the beginning of the modern public school system in Bahrain when Al-Hidaya Al-Khalifa School for Boys was opened in Muharraq. In 1926, the Education Committee opened the second public school for boys in Manama and in 1928 the first public school for girls was opened in Muharraq.

Education in Bahrain is compulsory, and all school age children attend either public or private schools. Children with disabilities attend special institutions. The Ministry of Education in Bahrain provides free education for all Bahraini and non-Bahraini students in public schools. Additionally, the Ministry of Education provides textbooks in every subject for all students in public schools free of charge at the beginning of each academic year.

Education in public schools is segregated: there are separated schools for boys and girls with teaching and administrative staff of the same gender. However, in some instances there are boys' public primary schools where the teaching and administrative staffs are mixed. A choice of coeducation or segregation is available in private schools, while state universities are all coeducational.

In 2004 His Majesty King Hamad introduced a project that uses information and communication technology (ICT) to support basic and secondary education in Bahrain. This project is named the King Hamad Schools of the Future. The objective of this project is to link all schools within the kingdom via the Internet and introduce the concept of electronic education.

In addition to British intermediate schools, the island is served by the Bahrain School, a United States Department of Defence school that provides a K-12 curriculum including the International Baccalaureate.

Private schools also exist that offer either the IB Diploma Programme or UK A-Levels. In 2007, St Christopher's School will become the first school in Bahrain to offer a choice of IB or A-Levels for students. Numerous international educational institutions and schools have established links to Bahrain.

Bahrain encourages institutions of higher learning, drawing on expatriate talent and the increasing pool of Bahraini nationals returning from abroad with advanced degrees. The University of Bahrain has been established for standard undergraduate and graduate study, and the College of Health Sciences, operating under the direction of the Ministry of Health , trains nurses, pharmacists, and paramedics. Both the Arabian Gulf University and Bahrain Medical University graduates physicians.

The national action charter, passed in 2001, paved the way for the formation of private universities. Over 13 private universities currently operate in Bahrain.

Asian institutes have also been established to provide good quality education to Asian students. These include the Pakistan Urdu School and the Indian School, which provide for the needs of children whose families hail for the Indian Subcontinent and are resident in Bahrain.

Basic Learning

Basic education is divided into two levels as follows:


1) Primary Level

This level represents the first rungs of the formal educational ladder. It covers the 6-11 years old age group, and lasts for six years. This level is divided into two cycles: the first cycle combines the first three grades of primary education. The class-teacher system is applied in all schools of this cycle. Under this system one teacher teaches all subjects with the exception of English Language, Design and Technology, Music and Physical Education.

The second cycle combines the upper three grades. A subject-teacher system is applied in this cycle with a specialised teacher teaching each subject.


2) Intermediate Level

This is the third cycle of basic education, covers students of 12-14 years old, and lasts for three years. The student is admitted to this level upon completion of the sixth grade of primary education. A subject-teacher system is applied at this level with educationally qualified teachers teaching each subject.


3) Secondary Education

This level is considered as a continuous to the basic education and a new phase for the student as it prepares him/her for higher education or labour market. It lasts for three years divided into six semesters of three levels. Entry is conditional on obtaining the Intermediate School certificate or its equivalent.
The credit-hours system is applied in this level that provide broad choices of subjects and courses. It permits students to tailor programs that suit their future goals.

Under this system, the student is free to choose to study in one of the following categories: 
Science and Mathematics, Languages and Human Sciences, Business, Industry or Professional Education. The study plan, at the Secondary level - the unification of tracks system – relies on the total credit hours required to obtain the Secondary School Certificate.

Private Schools

School Area P.O. Box Telephone Fax No.
A'alia School Sitra Hamreya 37304 17730960 17737227
Abdulrahman Kanoo International School Salmabad 2512 17875055 17877000
Al Amal Special Education Institute Isa Town 32666 17680815 17689639
Al Falah Private Schools - Muharraq (Boys) Muharraq 24955 17336627 17332029
Al Falah Private Schools - Muharraq (Girls) Muharraq 24955 17323699 17332029
Al Falah Private Schools - Riffa (Boys) East Riffa 24955 17763670 17772967
Al Falah Private Schools - Riffa (Girls) East Riffa 24955 17777822 17772859
Al Hekma International School Sanad 26489 17620820 17624800
Al Iman School - Boys Isa Town 29292 17681818 17680808
Al Iman School - Girls Isa Town 29292 17684848 17781083
Al Mahd Day Boarding School Saar 30331 17792422 17792606
Al Majd School Zinj - 17272715 17272710
Al Manar Private Schools Salmabad - 17786767 17789105
Al Naseem International school West Riffa 28503 17689684 17687166
Al Noor International School Sitra 85 17736773 17735650
Al Raja School Manama 1 17254414 17273073
Al Rawabi School Jiblat Hebshi 18575 17595252 17592033
Al Wesam School Janabiya - 17699595 17699883
Ali Bin Ebrahim Abdula'al School Tubli - 17783432 17785354
AMA School of Basic Education Janoosan - 17593858 17590835
Arabian Gulf Pearl School Belad Al Qadeem 20304 17403666 17404074
Bahrain Bayan Model School Isa Town 32411 17682227 17780019
Bahrain International School Juffair 934 17727828 17725714
Bangladesh School Manama 20305 17257745 17275782
Bawabat Al Ma'ali Private School A'ali 609 17644336 17645551
British School Hamala - 17613330 17613330
British School Manama 15775 17710878 17710875
Creativity Private School Salmaniya - 17243855 17243844
Delmon School Manama 26425 17713483 17713484
French School Busaiteen 24447 17323770 17336492
Hawar International School East Riffa 38338 17770040 17774020
Ibn Al Haytham Islamic School Janoosan 11980 17591449 17595699
Ibn Al Haytham Islamic School Manama 11980 17271694 17256546
Ibn Khuldoon National School Isa Town 20511 17780661 17698028
Indian School - Isa Town Isa Town 558 17684166 17682120
Indian School - Sitra Sitra-Village 558 17732120 17732337
Japanese School Saar 30084 17791550 17791660
Middle East Schools Salhiya 1328 17241138 17234054
Modern Education School Barbar 30908 17695855 17694057
Modern Knowledge School Juffair 15826 17727712 17827449
Nadeen School Um Al Hassam 26367 17728886 17728886
New Millennium School Manama 26271 17272700 17275151
New Generation International School Juffair - 17235000 17135000
Pakistan School - Isa Town Isa Town 5952 17682304 17682320
Pakistan School - Manama Manama 5952 17275731 17682320
Pakistan Urdu School - Isa Town Isa Town 3170 17687922 17685524
Pakistan Urdu School - Manama Manama 3170 17252310 17685524
Palms Primary School West Riffa - 17666637 17664544
Philippine School A'ali 10417 17645451 17644101
Quality Education School Salhiya 21566 17277984 17231429
Sacred Heart School - Isa Town Isa Town 388 17684367 17680252
Sacred Heart School - Manama Manama 388 17233441 17680252
Sanabil School Janabiya 10079 17693941 17791378
Shaikha Hessa Girls' School West Riffa 37799 17756111 17750700
St. Christopher's School - Budaiya Barbar 32052 17691837 17694211
St. Christopher's School - Isa Town Isa Town 32052 17788108 17788110
St. Christopher's School - Maqaba Maqaba 32052 17598600 17598604
St. Christopher's School - Awali Awali 32052 17750755 17756956
Talents International & The Infant School - East Riffa East Riffa 26625 17770078 17770073
Talents International & The Infant School - Manama Burhama -Kanoo Gardens 26625 17252346 17263362
The Asian School - Branch 1 Um Al Hassam 1143 17722886 17720207
The Asian School - Branch 2 Juffair 1143 17728857 17720207
The International School of Choueifat - Bahrain Amwaj Islands - 16033333 16033330
The New Horizon School Suqaiya - 17262139 17259512
The New Indian School East Riffa 33131 17622350 17622351

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