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Now you can pay your bills and fees easily and securely using your mobile phone at any time and anywhere you please.

The eGovernment provides 8 payment services via the mobile portal:

  • Electricity and Water Bill Payment
  • Traffic Fines Payment
  • Driver's license Renewal
  • Reservation of appointment for the pre-work medical examination for foreign workers
  • Issuance of copies of students’ school statements and transcripts
  • Renewal of the Annual Mailboxes Subscription
  • Payment of Criminal Orders

In order to benefit from the payment via mobile phone service, the user must perform a one-time registration on the eGovernment Portal


Registration Steps

  • Visit the eGovernment portal
  • Click on the "Login"
  • Click on "New User? Click here to register"
  • Enter your personal information in the registration form
  • You should read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Registration
  • After submission of the registration application and receiving approval, a message will appear to confirm acceptance of Registration.
  • The user will receive an email message confirming the success of the registration process and then the user will be able to enter the payment service by mobile phone


Customize My Services

  • When you log on, click on "My Services", then you can see your user name on the right side top of the page.
  • You can use the page "My Services" to customize your (maximum) ten favourite services, which you would like to access via the mobile portal.
  • The user can provide additional information as the date of birth, ID number, and others. This information can be benefited from when using mobile portal services and will have to be entered only once.
  • The user must press "Save" after the completion of data entry.


Updating Payment Services

  • The user can update his file to include the payment services that can be accessed via the mobile portal.
  • This process is done in four steps. First, the user has to press the link "Payment Services" and then "Registration status".
  • The following four steps will appear which must be completed on the “Registration Status" page:
  1. Personal information.
  2. Activation of Identification File.
  3. Control of Payment Types.
  4. Control of Payment Services.
  • Log on payment services via your mobile phone ( /mobile) or through text messaging via Batelco on 4949 or Zain on 88311.

For more information, please see the registration guide, or you can call the National Contact Centre on 80008001


Page Last Updated: 21 Feb, 2016