Land Survey Services

These services, provided by the Survey & Land Registration Bureau, allow the users to apply for land survey applications, enquire about the application status, and pay any required fees. Also, the private survey companies can login to apply for new or transferred application and then enquire about the applied applications.

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   Service Terms

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  • Business , Individuals , Bahraini , GCC Citzens , Non-Bahraini ,

   Required Documents

  • Copy of the owner or authorized person’s Identity Card
  • A copy of the original title deed or copy of the original agreement of the property to be surveyed
  • Power of attorney authenticated by the owner
  • A copy of the legal inheritance documents in the event of death of the owner 
  • In case of Governmental properties, an official request from the Governmental Properties Affairs Directorate, Ministry of Finance should be sent to the  Director of Cadastral Survey

   Important notes

  • Readiness:
Open Estate Application Request
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  • Payment Methods:
  • Credit Card , Debit Card ,
  • Service Fees:
Fees amount of "new application without demarcation : Survey job = 5 BD ,Survey Certificate = 1BD , total = (Survey job = 5 BD) + (Survey Certificate = 1BD) = 6 BD

Fees amount of "new application" with demarcation. : Survey job = 5BD, Survey points = number of points *5, Survey Certificate = 1BD, Total= Survey job + survey certificate + survey points

Fees amount of Application required “extra fees".

If estimated survey points less than actual survey points then extra fees required, extra fees=( actual points minus estimated points ) multiply by 5

Else if  estimated survey points greater than actual survey points then overpayment and refund required

Else no extra fees or refund require.