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With the intention of building a more inclusive society and fostering community engagement to participate in the decision-making process, the Information & eGovernment Authority calls for public opinions and participation in the design as well as delivery of eGovernment services, channels and business operations through the regularly updated poll questions which also welcome other national initiatives for further public involvement. Outcomes of poll questions are significant contributions to authority’s improvement plans and action lines.

Would you like to pay your telephone bill on the eGovernment portal?

Options Number of Votes Percentage
Yes 5795 50.7%
No 5644 49.3%

Total Number of Votes: 11439

Actions Taken: Since the majority of users prefer to pay through telecom websites and counter; the payment process on telecom websites has been studied and followed as best practice. Moreover, an awareness campaign for payment eServices is planned to take place in November 2015.

What is your favorite interaction channel with Government bodies?

Options Number of Votes Percentage
Web 2854 47%
Face to face 1457 24%
Call Center 943 15.5%
Mobile 594 9.9%
Self Service Kiosks 220 3.6%

Total Number of Votes: 6068

Actions Taken: Most of the eGovernment services are available via the national portal, currently offering more than 350 eServices. Moreover, the eGovernment also enabled other channels to ensure an efficient service delivery to all stakeholders such as the Mobile apps Channel, the National Contact Centre (80008001), and 30 Self Service Kiosks.

What is your preferred payment method for government services?

Options Number of Votes Percentage
Debit Card 4703 46.5%
Credit Card 3754 37.1%
Cash/cheque 1654 16.4%

Total Number of Votes: 10111

Actions Taken: Debit card has been essential in developing payment eServices along with Credit cards payment.