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With the intention of building a more inclusive society and fostering community engagement to participate in the decision-making process, the Information & eGovernment Authority calls for public opinions and participation in the design as well as delivery of eGovernment services, channels and business operations through the regularly updated poll questions which also welcome other national initiatives for further public involvement. Outcomes of poll questions are significant contributions to authority’s improvement plans and action lines.

What type of services would you like to see more of on the portal?

Options Number of Votes Percentage
Payment 402 31%
Information 192 15%
Registration 190 15%
Complaints 109 8%
Appointments 370 29%

Total Number of Votes: 1263

April 2013

Actions Taken: More payment services were offered from government & private sectors, e.g. University of Bahrain course fees payment, mobile bill payment. In addition, The Identity Card services has been revamped.

I do most of my transactions /eServices through:

Options Number of Votes Percentage
eGov portal 543 66.2%
Mobile portal 119 14.5%
National Contact Center 80008001 64 7.8%
eServices Centers & ekiosks 94 11.5%

Total Number of Votes: 820

February 2013

Actions Taken: While has been continuously maintained and improved, efforts has been placed to promote mobile apps & the national contact center as convenient channels to use eServices.  The mobile portal is planned to be removed and replaced by the newly revamped portal and mobile apps. In addition, Kiosks have been totally revamped and improved. 

How useful do you find the mobile apps provided by eGovernment?

Options Number of Votes Percentage
Very Useful 1810 21%
Useful 336 4%
Not useful 5835 69%
Don’t Know 381 4%

Total Number of Votes: 8362

August 2012

Actions Taken: In December 2012, a focus group was conducted to assess the awareness and satisfaction of eGovernment customers with the mobile applications provided, and to determine what the public expected from these applications. The results of this focus group helped identifying problems with current mobile applications. Currently, the mobile app is an independent platform and contains many related services. E.g. improvement of eTraffic mobile app, Electricity and Water Services app

Do you support providing all public governmental data through one platform?

Options Number of Votes Percentage
Yes 4167 88%
No 368 7%
Don’t Know 172 3%

Total Number of Votes: 4707

Actions Taken: Bahrain Open Data Portal was launched in October 2013 to provide public access to a vast amount of data from various government entities.

Do you find the portal and the eServices easy to use?

Options Number of Votes Percentage
Very Easy 3071 38.76%
Easy 749 9.45%
Fair 842 10.62%
Difficult 3261 41.15%

Total Number of Votes: 7923

Action Taken: A blog was launched in December 2010, connecting the CEO of the eGovernment Authority, Mr. Mohammed Al Qaed directly with the public to communicate and receive their comments and suggestions on how to improve the usability and look and feel of National Portal as part of its revamp project. The new revamped portal was launched in April 2014.