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With the intention of building a more inclusive society and fostering community engagement to participate in the decision-making process, the Information & eGovernment Authority calls for public opinions and participation in the design as well as delivery of eGovernment services, channels and business operations through the regularly updated poll questions which also welcome other national initiatives for further public involvement. Outcomes of poll questions are significant contributions to authority’s improvement plans and action lines.

How did you find the enhanced Islamiyat App?

Options Number of Votes Percentage
Very useful 181 41%
Useful 40 9%
Not useful 84 19%
I didn’t use it 141 32%

Total Number of Votes: 446

October 2015

Actions Taken: As per the public opinion on the usefulness of Islamiyat App, iGA has decided to enhance the application with added new features, and promote it widely through different mediums and religious gatherings.

How useful is the National Contact Center 80008001 in helping you to use the eServices available on Bahrain eGovernment portal?

Options Number of Votes Percentage
Very useful 248 53%
Useful 72 15%
Not useful 71 15%
I didn’t use it 71 15%

Total Number of Votes: 462

September 2015

Actions Taken: iGA ensured to sustain the communication quality at The National Contact Centre (NCC) through maintaining quality assessment tools for NCC systems & call agent  promoting the channel  it via different marketing mediums to remind users of this channel.

How do you find the enhanced online service of General Directorate of Traffic?

Options Number of Votes Percentage
Very useful 253 58.16%
Useful 57 13.10%
Not useful 94 21.60%
Have never used 31 07.12%

Total Number of Votes: 435

June 2015

Actions Taken: This poll was way to discover if the newly updated services on the portal were useful noting improvements that will be adopted to the launch of the General Directorate of Traffic mobile app

What is your preferred method to access the eServices on

Options Number of Votes Percentage
The Search engine 4,796 36%
Featured eServices Tab 150 1%
Top eServices Tab 3,787 28%
Category Tabs (Individuals, Business, Government, Visitors) 4,438 33%

Total Number of Votes: 13,171

March 2015

Actions Taken: iGA has further enhanced the intelligence of the search engine and the keywords identification.  Featured services will be updated more frequently twice a month to reflect most relevant eServices to the users for easier identification. 

How would you rate your experience in using the National Suggestions & Complaints system “Tawasul”?

Options Number of Votes Percentage
Excellent 158 44%
Very Good 53 14%
Good 38 10%
Poor 72 20%
I did not use it 36 10%

Total Number of Votes: 357

November 2014

Actions Taken: iGA has completely revamped the Tawasul system backend and added features requested by the users to facilitate the cases resolution. More coordination has been arranged with concerned entities to accelerate case resolution especially financial refund. Tawasul will be as a more user friendly mobile app.