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With the intention of building a more inclusive society and fostering community engagement to participate in the decision-making process, the Information & eGovernment Authority calls for public opinions and participation in the design as well as delivery of eGovernment services, channels and business operations through the regularly updated poll questions which also welcome other national initiatives for further public involvement. Outcomes of poll questions are significant contributions to authority’s improvement plans and action lines.

Which of the following eServices would you like to have on soon?

Options Number of Votes Percentage
List of Licensed Pharmacies 124 6%
Ask a Doctor questions online 668 16%
Generate traffic accident report 958 46%
Reporting faults in Electricity & water supply 289 14%

Total Number of Votes: 2039

November 2017

How do you rate the "Tawasul" mobile application?

Options Number of Votes Percentage
Excellent 446 43%
Good 167 16%
Never used it  200 19%
Poor 206 20%

Total Number of Votes: 1019

August 2017

Actions Taken: We Value our customers interactions with the poll. This has helped us identify few glitches with the Tawasul app and we have improved the “Fix2Go” feature to be easier for reporting cases. The government entities system dashboard has also been updated to improve the performance of  participating entities making  the reviewing & reporting easier resulting in reduced SLA (Service Level Agreement) time frame which should result in higher customer satisfaction. In addition, The citizens are provided with more than one communication channel to place their suggestions and complaints noting the web services and mobile application. The results also indicated that few people were aware of the app hence entices us to increase our digital promotion of the Tawasul app via the government app store.

What area of do you suggest to improve?

Options Number of Votes Percentage
Page layout 178 21%
Page content 75 9%
Search engine 139 16%
Reaching eServices you need 427 52%

Total Number of Votes: 819

June 2017

Actions Taken: The Information & eGovernment Authority highly considers public opinion on users attempting to reach services on the portal by improving the Search Engine tool and creating it similarly to Google’s intelligence search feature - allowing portal visitors to enter their desired tracked key words without any difficulties.

How do you rate the ease of finding your desired eServices on

Options Number of Votes Percentage
Easy 482 38%
Takes some time 258 20%
Takes a lot of time 169 13%
Very difficult 358 28%

Total Number of Votes: 1,267

July 2016

Actions Taken: After looking into the outcomes of the Poll, the Information & eGovernment Authority added Tags on the eServices such as ‘Coming Soon’, ‘Updated’, only to name the least. Furthermore, it enhanced its promotional mediums by sending customers useful direct links to services

Did you login through the eKey to use the eServices on

Options Number of Votes Percentage
Yes 697 69%
No, never logged in 311 31%

Total Number of Votes: 1008

May 2016

Actions Taken: Many services have been integrated with eKey single sign on to ensure customer data security.