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Formal Education

Kingdom of Bahrain has a long history in formal education since 1919 where the 1st school in the region has been formed in Bahrain. The Kingdom ranks the 1st among the Arab states in the provision of “Education for All” leaving no one behind and without any gender discrimination. The country has always championed the region with its high standard education and very high literacy rate  (more than 95%) and very high Human Capital Index 


Compulsory Education

Believing in “Education for All”, high-quality education in Bahrain is offered free-of-charge in public Schools for Bahraini and non-Bahraini students in each academic year including textbooks. The youngsters can be enrolled either in private or public schools. Children with disabilities and special needs also are integrated in the public schools while attending their special educational requirements in term of learning skills and facilities. 

Education in Bahrain is compulsory by law (Arabic verison) for the basic education of 9 years long at least for all children age 6 to 15 years old. All children must be enrolled either in the government schools or the private ones.

The educational system in Bahrain follows a ladder of nine years of basic education which includes both the primary and intermediate stages and another three years of secondary education in its various tracks.

Digital Empowerment in Education

Bahrain has taken major steps in reforming its educational system started with the formation of the Supreme Council for the Development of Education and Training  chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister to overarch the national educational strategies and action plans  (Arabic verison). Education system in Bahrain is one of the most developed educational systems in the region and it has also made strong and substantial advances and development in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in schools. 

In 2004, Bahrain educational system has implemented ICT in schools by linking all schools to internet, offering free internet access for all students and their teachers, and adopting different digital tools in their teaching and learning techniques as well as in communication and reporting approaches to parents. The educational digital transformation in schools has been driven from the success of His Majesty King Hamad project for future schools  which was fully implemented in 2015. 
The educational transformation and empowerment aims at enabling students, teachers, and educational workforce and building their ICT capacities in order to better cope with the rapidly-evolving technologies in education and build national capacities that can produce digital educational content.

UNESCO Award Film for the Use of Information and Communication Technologies 2018

Higher Education eCosystem

Higher education in Bahrain has a central role to play in economic growth, investment and innovation in order face the challenges of the future. Bahrain has a higher education ecosystem that will uniquely cater to the education and future career development. The government has established the Higher Education Council  in 2005 to regulate and overlook Bahrain’s National Higher Education Strategy .

 As part of educational reform to maintain sustainable educational development, the government of Bahrain has established the The Education and Training Quality Authority to closely inspect and monitor the education quality at all schools and universities in Bahrain in order to ensure the quality of learning outcomes. Annual progress report is issued by the Authority and serious disciplinary actions by law are taken against any violations.  

Education Everywhere

As a form of digitalization, the government has provided many online services and channels, mobile applications, eConsultation to students to keep them at scale with the new technologies and introduce the idea of “Education Everywhere”. Students at schools are connected to EDU NET  (comprehensive educational portal) and many online services are provided through the portal, the Ministry of Education website  and eGovernment Portal. 
Online registration process is available in many of private schools in Bahrain through their websites such as Al Hikma School, Indian School, Nadine School and many other school. Many registration forms and online applications  have been provided to students through the Ministry of Education website .
Educational online services in Bahrain are: 

Page Last Updated: 22 Mar, 2020