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Bahrain eGovernment has started with focus on “Delivering Customer Value through Collaborative Government” to ensure effective delivery of government services to citizens, residents, businesses and visitors (customers).

The key objectives of the first eGovernment Strategy 2007-2010 (PDF, 1.6MB, 25 pages) was to transform more than 100 government services to online eServices provided to the customers through multiple delivery channels.

Multiple Channels

Bahrain eGovernment has successfully provided several channels to the citizens to enable them to perform their online services anywhere and anytime according to their needs.

The channels focus on providing unique characteristics to the customers with high availability, usability, and friendly look and feel, the Information & eGovernment Authority has enhance the following channels through continuous customer feedback, customer satisfaction Index and focus groups to improve the services and the functionality of each channel :

Managing multiple channels were the focus of the Bahrain eGovernment Program, by providing more high quality of services to the citizens through monitoring the customer needs and requirements of the online services and their demanded channels.

The Information & eGovernment Authority has successfully be able to manage these multiple channels in cooperation with the different government entities by measuring the customer’s usage in those channels, collect feedback and measure the customer satisfaction index and awareness considering the best international best practices and standards.

Multi-Channel Strategy 2016

Aligning with the Bahrain Vision 2030, the Bahrain eGovernment Strategy (PDF, 6.9MB, 20 pages) has introduce the Multi-Channel Strategy Management for 2016. The objectives of the Strategy is to increase the in use of the high priority channel with great return of Investment.

In order to enhance the online service delivery provided to the customers, the Multi-Channel strategy expected to increase the reach of its eServices. Bahrain eGovernment program has been focusing on investing in Mobile applications and Mobile services in the recent years due to the high demand and current global trends. The Multi-Channel strategy will provide the government with a streamlined view of the online/offline Channels traffic data, and the customer segments for each channel to shift the lowest traffic to the highest priority channel and enhance the user experience across the online channels.


The Strategy will highlight the new ideas and enhancement to be executed by government channels in order to improve and enhance the service delivery and enable new business models between the government, business and citizens for high value services and to bring the public sector services effectiveness and efficiency to a higher level.

Page Last Updated: 25 May, 2021