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Applications Exhibition

Several applications were developed by benefiting from the details provided within Bahrain Open Data Portal. In this respect, any person can apply to create a new application through Bahrain Open Data Portal.

Open Data Portal Competition

To foster eParticipation, innovation, and transparency among the public users, Information & eGovernment Authority has launched the "Open Data Portal Competition" in 2013 with the aim to attract users to innovative ideas of new eServices and/ or apps using the government’s Open Data. 

Open Data will be used in many ways. Access to government data will provide a better understanding of the government's workflow. In addition, such initiative will pave a better utilization of data for the business sector that can be used in in researches and reports as well as development of web applications, mobile apps, and general data-based solutions.


Kingdom of Bahrain and United Nations Development Program  (UNDP) host (Hackathon Competition) which focused on the ninth goal of 2030 Substantial Development Goals (SDGs) related to industry, innovation, and infrastructure. By participation of 100 young people, and along with other 9 countries, Bahrain was selected to be the only Arab country to host this important event. The Kingdom is remarked with its advanced ICT infrastructure as well as enthusiastic and creative youth capable of using open data, The Supreme Council for Women also launched the first women's hackathon for Bahraini women, aiming to encourage women to be successful in the field of software development and program design, and develop their technical skills to find smart solutions that emulate global trends. Therefore, Bahrain has become an example of matured ICT infrastructure for all visiting countries. 

University of Bahrain

University of Bahrain  had launched a master's program in Big Data Science Analytics (BDSA). Dealing and making use of such data is a real investment that serves the community's interests as a whole. On this basis, the idea of BDSA master's program was generated in coordination between Faculty of Science and Faculty of Information Technology. In its core, BDSA master's program relies on integration of modern statistical methods with computer science and information technology, which would, in turn, enrich the statistical approach, as a science, to address such huge amount of information and data keeping abreast of continuous technological progress. 

Open Health Data

Open health data promote innovation and entrepreneurship. It also improves the levels of transparency in the health care fields. 

Bahrain Genome Project

The Ministry of Health’s  initiative to establish a specialized center for genetic analysis came as a result of the government’s overall efforts to improve the quality of the health services in Bahrain and prevent diseases - particularly genetic, intractable, and deadly diseases - by using the latest scientific innovations. The ultimate purpose of the center is to protect the Kingdom of Bahrain from illness and prevent diseases in current and future generations. The center will have a database of the Bahraini population’s DNA that will be analyzed and studied to identify opportunities that contribute to improvements in disease diagnosis, early detection, as well as lowering the population’s risk of contracting diseases. This will also contribute to the prevention of genetic diseases and to the development of effective medicines to treat them. 

Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Tourism Benchmarks

Herein below the most investment sectors in Bahrain:
66195 Sale/trading activities, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
164470 Construction
15494  Professional, scientific, and technical activities
13358 Manufacturing
11733  Administrative and support services activities
10181 Accommodation and food services
7728 Personal services (repair activities)
6492   Real-estate activities

Page Last Updated: 17 Mar, 2020