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In an aim to deliver applications collectively and efficiently to users, the Information & eGovernment Authority has developed the eGovernment apps store .

The eGovernment Apps Store is a one stop shop for all the Mobile Applications provided by different entities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With a brief description of the application, screenshots and reviews available for each App - eGovernment Apps Store is the best place to research and download required Apps to ease the life of Bahrain citizens.

This page allows users to browse and download applications available on 6 different platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, J2ME and Symbian).

During the past years,  the Information & eGovernment  Authority worked on launching dozens of customized services for smart mobile phones, which have reached more than 60 for different government electronic services, including four electronic payment services such as  (Electricity and Water bill payment), (Traffic contravention), (Vehicle registration renewal) and (Driving licenses renewal). These payment services can be completed via the mobile phone through standard Credit cards as payment method. The work continues to include other services.

Among the most important applications available to the public Traffic Services , Electricity and Water Bill Payment , Postal Services , Tawasul app , and Student Exam Results . This is In addition to the Governmnet Directory  application, which provides contact details of all government entities that includes contact numbers, social media accounts and interactive map location in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Information & eGovernment Authority has also designed the Wejhaty  app, which works on both Android and iOS and offers users to register their travel details with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive updates in case of emergency situations. in addition to another updated application Gasoline Octane Inquiry , which allows users to identify the type of fuel suitable for their vehicles.

 All users who wish to download applications can visit the eGovernment App Store  and access the applications, to view the service and identify the type of device to download the appropriate application.

eGovernment App Store / Mobile Apps Statistics

eGovernment App Store and Mobile Apps Statistics provides us with vital information about our customers preferences and needs, the statistics help us identifying any emerging trends at which we can respond better.

Page Last Updated: 11 Sep, 2017