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Internet For All in Bahrain

Bahrain is Leading the Region in Information and Communications Infrastructure

In line with the Economic Vision 2030, Kingdom of Bahrain aims at become a "Smart Kingdom" and transforming the country to be a leading business and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) hub for internet content & application in the region. Bahrain has taken serious steps to facilitate investment foundations in ICT and build the required skills and talents needed through tailored capacity building and training programs.


The Telecommunication law  has been issued in Bahrain since 2002. Within the same year, the government has released the 1st Telecommunication plan and established the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority  as the official entity responsible to overlook the national plan implementation and regulate the telecommunication market through policies and control measures that ensure service quality by the operators. The 4th Telecommunication Plan  has been launched in 2016 aiming at access to very high-speed internet with reasonable prices that covers 95% of residential homes and 100% of businesses.   


Today, access to very high-speed internet is available through fixed and wireless broadband lines that are accessible by all population and with conveniently affordable prices. Internet connectivity and access to internet is very easy in Bahrain. Of course, one of the reasons is the relatively-low prices and easy process to get an internet in Bahrain. Therefore, the continence of getting internet access is one of the key factors behind bridging the digital gap among all community members and “Leaving No One” without access to internet.

Telecommunications Laws and Regulations

Bahrain has enacted laws and legislation guaranteeing access to telecommunication services for all and regulates the telecommunications sector to serve The Economic Vision 2030. The National Telecommunications Plans  has set the general policies for the telecommunications sector in Bahrain that regulates the market as well as take the telecom services in Bahrain to the next level in the light of the vastly changing technologies and market needs.


Kingdom of Bahrain’s telecommunications sector has been fully liberated and open for competition in all areas. Bahrain is the 1st Arab Gulf country to have a fully liberalized telecommunication market. Therefore, there are many telecom service providers in the Kingdom today, and the consumer in Bahrain has the option to choose an operator and has full freedom to switch between providers.



The Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication  sets the directions of the telecommunication industry in Bahrain and overarch the implementation of the National Telecommunications Plans in-line with the government’s objectives. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)  is responsible for implementing the National Telecommunications Plan independently and transparently. It works towards liberalization and development of the telecommunications sector, foster the fair and effective competition between licensed operators, and most importantly, protect the interests of consumers.


The TRA  is conducting numerous studies and reports on telecommunication market indicators, price benchmarking , and quality of service . The study is based on Bahrain's lowest cost of high-speed internet service in the Gulf region of 10-100 Mbps.


When consumers have any complaint against a telecommunication service provider, TRA  devote its resources to investigates in the complaint and discusses the best solutions with the customer within a defined service level agreements.


Any complaint against Telecom Service providers can be submitted to the Ministry of Transportation & Telecommunication through the National Suggestion & Complaint System “Tawasul ”.

Leaving No One Without Internet Access

Kingdom of Bahrain has ranked 4th world-wide in the Telecommunication Infrastructure Index (TII) as per ITU reports. Everyone in Bahrain has access to mobile with subscription rate of 140% of the total population. Estimated internet users in Bahrain is 98%, which is ranked 3rd globally. No. of mobile subscriptions reached 2.09 million lines, and fixed line is 225,759 lines and 2.16 million internet subscription.


Bahrain is not leaving anyone without internet access
Bahrain's Telecommunication Infrastructure In Figures.
(Source:Telecommunication Regulatory Authority)

Today, the 4th Generation (4G) network covers all territories in Bahrain. The Kingdom has finalized all preparation to launch the 5th Generation (5G)  network within the year 2019. Free of Charge Internet access is available in most of public areas in Bahrain at touristic areas, public malls, and public facilities.   


In line to the Digital Empowerment  initiative, all educational institutions in Bahrain are connected. Internet access is provided to all students and tutors at public and private schools in Bahrain, as well as universities and other educational institutions.

Page Last Updated: 09 Dec, 2020