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The Kingdom of Bahrain aims towards an efficient and effective government that focuses on setting well established policies and visionary plans in different areas such as economy, finance, healthcare, education, environment, security, and justice. Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 and the Government Action Plan has re-defined the role of Government from operator to regulator and support the Private Sector to drive the economic development era.

Bahrain has engaged into strategic partnerships with several private institutions, international companies and agencies in different fields such as cloud computing, eServices delivery, software development, e-payment solutions and many more.

Amazon Web Service Agreement

Bahrain has established a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a transformational development in the ICT infrastructure of the government and non-governmental entities.

Such partnership will enhance the resource optimization and dramatically will reduce the ICT expenditure and time-to-market of new innovations. AWS has established its offices in Bahrain and announced that Bahrain will be their hub for Middle East operations. The partnership has also a return on the national levels through enhancing Bahrain economy and creating new jobs.   

Bahrain has also signed an agreement with AWS to provide the skill set  required to IT individuals in cooperation with Tamkeen  to build their capacities to cope and excel in the new area of information technology.

The telecom company Batelco has been selected by the Information & eGovernment Authority  to assist in migration of several ministry platforms to the AWS. The agreement is in line with the Information and eGovernment Authority and Batelco’s commitment towards supporting Bahrain in its digital transformational strategy.

MoU for the Development of eServices

The Information and eGovernment Authority signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with  BENEFIT Company, which is specialized in developing innovative solutions for ePayment processes, providing and managing payment through multiple Channels.

The two parties agreed to cooperate in developing eServices and ePayment service mechanism that facilitate the management of processes on banking and other entities to improve performance and reduce costs.

The partnership links ePayments by government agencies through BENEFIT to be part of the National Payment Aggregator, opening up new innovative ways of financial payments for the eServices through the technical solutions provided by BENEFIT.

The MoU enables payments through the BenefitPay service to renew Identity Cards, as well as link ePayments to government entities via BENEFIT and include them in iGA’s National Payment Aggregator (NPA).

eGovernment eKiosks project

in 2009, iGA has collaborated with “Credimax” – one of key credit card payment entities in Bahrain - to implement eServices eKiosks machines as one of its main eService channels. The eKiosk machines has been fully revamped 2016 and there are 35 machines installed at 34 public areas to be at convenience of users.

Partnership Agreement to develop the eMeeting system

The Interactive Meetings System (eMeeting) is a leading digital meeting solution for holding and managing a meeting online using smart devices in a highly secure and effective way. The system is the first of its kind in Bahrain to organize and manage meetings online and was developed through a partnership with the private sector, in line with of Bahrain’s vision 2030 to support sustainability & competitiveness. 

The partnership resulted in creating a sustainable green environment while reducing the expenses for conducting secure online meetings. The solution achieved tremendous success with over 20 government organizations, and committees using the eMeeting system.

BITEX Bahrain

BITEX, a technology exhibition held alongside with the annual MEET ICT Conference, that brings all Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies under one roof to display the latest trends in their field. It also aims to bring together the ICT business community and implement more powerful solutions in the sector. Hence, the exhibition aims to strengthen innovative potentials and boost to the ICT industry.

Meetings and Events

Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry  and Economic Development Board  organize meetings and prepare events with delegations and investors from around the world to form strong and fruitful partnerships. They discuss the challenges in the ICT field, how to turn these challenges into opportunities, and future cooperation.

Latest meeting:

Page Last Updated: 18 Jul, 2021