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Capacity Building Project

As more advanced technology is being utilized in eGovernance, the need to raise the users’ level of competency and acceptance of eServices emerges, as does keeping them up-to-date with the rapid technological advancement of the eGovernment.

In order to raise the level of awareness on information technology, the eGovernment Authority organized training programs called the ‘Capacity Building’. The programs were offered throughout the Kingdom to encourage citizens to use the eServices available through the eGovernment Portal ( The training is free and delivered by internationally accredited ICT specialists. The sessions, covers the basics of IT, in addition to advanced technical skills, and are delivered in a practical way that provided individuals with up-to-date skills and increasing technical knowledge.

The Capacity Building Project, is a sustained investment in human resources. Given that the field of ICT development is characterized by constant paradigm shifts that requires continuous training programs to keep pace with these changes, the program was designed to be flexible and scalable.

Officially inaugurated in the beginning of 2009, the Capacity Building Project is the keystone of the eGovernment strategy as it focuses on two main aspects: the first involves training and developing the performance of eGovernment employees to build their knowledge and skills, and mould their attitudes and behaviors. The second involves eTraining for Bahraini citizens.

These two aspects were carefully designed to be in perfect harmony with one another, each side includes a set of programmes and courses to achieve the desired quality triumvirate – prepare highly qualified employees, provide quality service to citizens, and achieve the individuals and institutions satisfaction that are in fact the triangle quality desired from this project.

The Capacity Building Project, is a sustained investment in human resources. The result of this investment can be seen in the customer satisfaction amongst citizens and residents.

In particular, the strategy focuses on the following areas: rehabilitation of new employees, train government employees on how to use computers, foster leaders, train employees on how to deal positively with the consumer, offer project management training and micro-learning.

Page Last Updated: 12 Sep, 2017