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Digital Empowerment in Education

The Kingdom of Bahrain has a matured digital foundation with a percentage of 98% of individuals using internet. The digital empowerment in education in Bahrain starts in very early stages at schools’ curriculum in which Information and communications technology (ICT) is used as tools and learning courses. Such a step is taken after the success of His Majesty King Hamad Al Khalifa project for future schools which was implemented since 2015. Digital empowerment in education aims to prepare a technology-ready human capital and enable students, teachers, and workers in the educational sectors to get on-going learning on using information and communication technology(ICT) for development whether in education or in other aspects of life, in order to build national capacities that can produce digital educational content.

Qudurat Training Program

The digital divide is one of the major obstacles towards eGovernment readiness at any country. Qudurat is the national eGovernment capacity building and training program in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It was introduced by Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) as a strategic objective to bridge the digital gap in interacting with information and communication technology(ICT) for the eGovernment service.  It has added also to the national education strategy by upscaling the information and communication technology(ICT) skills of the Bahraini citizens, increasing the country’s e-Literacy rates as well as e-Maturity indices. Qudurat provides the necessary knowledge and skills to operate their basic daily IT tasks and enable the public to use the national eGovernment portal ( Qudurat is a public private partnership model between iGA and other organizations in the civil society such as NGO’s, public clubs, as well as the private training institutes to deliver the training programs.


The Labor Fund or Tamkeen  (an Arabic term that means empowerment) is a public authority established as one of the cornerstones of Bahrain’s national reform initiatives and Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 to support the private sector and reinforce its role as key player in the national development. With its unique business model, Tamkeen generate the labor fund from the private sector and re-inject it into the market as Professional Certifications, Training and Wage Subsidy program, and business startups support programs. This model ensures the sustainability of the skills and economic development of the country and to be in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).  
Tamkeen has two primary objectives - firstly, foster the development and growth of enterprises, and second provide support to enhance the productivity and training of the national workforce. To achieve these objectives -Tamkeen's 2018 - 2020 strategy focuses on diversifying offerings, accelerate delivery and sustaining impact. Several innovative programs are provided to Bahraini and businesses across all economic sectors which includes professional training, business financing, grants, business advisory startups support, and many more. These programs help develop the capabilities of Bahraini individuals and enterprises in the Kingdom; it also integrates new critical concepts for a vibrant, sustainable private sector. With over 330 different initiatives, Tamkeen has invested more than $440mn in supporting training and business development, served more than 170,000 Bahraini individuals and businesses to date.

Youth City 2030

Youth City 2030 is a multi-skills development initiative by the Ministry of Youth & Sport Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is a yearly summer camp aiming to promote innovative ideas and encourage a sense of creativity amongst Bahraini children and youth to foster a bright future for the nation’s Youth. The City holds workshops and hands-on training to reinforce talent in areas such as leadership, media, information technology, arts, languages, science, and sports.

Online Registration for Youth City 

eShabab Mobile App   

Bahrain Youth and Sports: E-bot Youth City 2030 Program

Techno Preneur Bahrain

Bahrain Development Bank and the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) has launched the first batch of Technopreneur Bahrain , a holistic development program jointly initiated by the (iGA) and (BDB) with the aim to support and facilitate the growth of the (ICT) sector in Bahrain.
Technopreneur Bahrain offers entrepreneurs with a technological focus with a comprehensive platform that includes capacity building, coaching, mentorship, and funding and other services to support the development of their (ICT) concepts and transform them into commercial business ventures.
Accepted candidates are offered a placement into the program which follows the following route turning their (ICT) ideas and dreams into a reality. Candidates will have the opportunity to be coached and mentored by professional certified Coaches by (CMI), UK and will be offered a specialized capacity building program conducted by a team of professional trainers. In addition to linking them to a network with experienced mentors and gurus within the (ICT) industry and related business fields. They will also have personalized professional guidance on preparing business plan and other related business documents required for commercializing your (ICT) business idea and offered access to funding by the (iGA) & (BDB) to start their ideas.

Training and Manpower Development

Training and Development of Manpower Directorate was established by Royal Decree No. 65 of 2015 to reorganize Ministry of Labor and Social Development for restructuring the management of the fundamentals of developing the capabilities of national cadres, to be qualified cadres capable of competition and sustainability, in accordance with the requirements and needs of the actual labor market.

Types of training programs:

1 -Basic skills: This training programs designed to strengthen some of the basic skills and they are English, computer and mathematics and some professional certificates such as accounting, to provide the basic knowledge that will enable citizens to meet the requirements of employment and the requirements of working life, in terms of conduct and behavior within the company and to increase employment opportunities. This program also aims to bridge the gap between the level of candidates in terms of knowledge, skill, professional behavior and the level required to qualify for professional training.

2. Professional training programs: Professional programs aim to rehabilitate job seekers who are difficult to employ or do not have employment opportunities in the same fields of specialization. This requires a difficult task of rehabilitating university graduates in the required fields of specialization in the labor market, integrating them into jobs that provide them with a decent living. The aim of these programs is to provide job seekers with the professional skills required to perform their professional functions at the required level.

Page Last Updated: 17 Mar, 2020