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The journey to provide government services electronically was launched with the establishment of the eGovernment  Authority in August 2007 by a Royal Decree which states that the authority follows the Council of Ministers and should aim at coordinating as well as implementing eGovernment programs in accordance with strategies, plans and programs set by the Supreme Committee for Information and Communication Technology - chaired by Deputy Prime Minister His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak AlKhalifa.

In October 2015, the eGovernment Authority has merged with the Central Informatics Organization per Royal Decree no. 69 (PDF, 87.6KB, 2 pages, Arabic only) to form an entirely new entity under the unified name of the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA).

The iGA conducts several responsibilities such as proposing public policies, suitable legislations and decisions for the implementation of the eGovernment programs as well as necessary information technology and data programs. Others include providing services, facilitating communication between all country Organization, creating online channels to deliver eGovernment services in addition to offering technical and scientific support to ministries along with other government organizations.

eGovernment Strategy

The Kingdom of Bahrain launched its first eGovernment strategy 2007- 2010, which was based on strong basis that focused initially on the integration of the government's efforts to provide better and faster services to citizens. The first strategy successfully achieved more than the set key objectives and ranked up the Kingdom of Bahrain as a leader in the field of eGovernment that is committed to providing all government services that are electronically integrated, be the best of its kind and is available to all through the channels of their choice.

The most prominent accomplishment in that period was that the Kingdom of Bahrain ranked as a world leader in the field of eGovernment in the 2010 United Nations Global eGovernment Survey. The Kingdom achieved the 1st rank in the Gulf, Arab countries and the Middle East, 3rd rank in Asia and 13th worldwide, compared to 42nd in the previous survey, Furthermore, over 300 eServices launched across multiple channels; namely, the National Portal, mobile app, Service Centers, eGovernment Kiosks and the National Contact Centre (NCC).

Today, the eGovernment is an integral part in the services system the government provides to citizens, residents, visitors, businesses and government entities. Due to these achievements, the Information & eGovernment Authority has become one of the world's leading institutions, and has been assessed by its achievement of advanced ranks in various global indicators, as well as claiming of various international awards. Furthermore, its customer satisfaction indicators for services provided electronically has increased, as more than eight out of ten citizens/businesses have expressed their satisfaction with the level and quality of services provided.

eGovernment Strategy 2020

The national strategies of Bahrain focus on advancing the living standard taking into consideration the reduction of government expenses. The upcoming eGovernment strategy comes in line with this trend by ensuring online transformation in the government services through the usage of ICT which would facilitate knowledge management and completion of businesses professionally, conveniently, with low costs as well as ensure information security. The focus of the vision, message and objectives of the next strategy will revolve around creating a strong, flexible and safe environment to encourage innovation in public services. This contributes in spreading the knowledge that enables officials to take decisions and develop more services in order to be easily completed with the lowest of costs. 

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For more information, please visit the Information and eGovernment Authority website www.iga.gov.bh.

eGovernment Efficiency

The Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) has succeeded in achieving most of its planned strategic objectives. The achieved goals exceeded performance, in Increasing Society Participation and Engagement, Partnerships with the Private Sector, and Information Protection and User Rights.

Multi-Channel Strategy

Bahrain eGovernment has a focus on effective delivery of government services to the customers through multiple delivery channels.

Channels of Choice

The central theme of the eGovernment strategy is to enhance service delivery through the phased electronic enablement of services. However, provisioning services through electronic means is only useful if it facilitates the customers to access services anytime and anywhere in a more convenient manner. Identifying channels of customers' preference is a critical success factor for effective eGovernment.

The Kingdom will facilitate the delivery of services through multiple channels such as:

National Cybersecurity Strategy

The Kingdom of Bahrain is transforming into a digitalized economy that creates new dependencies. The government, organizations and the delivery of essential services rely heavily on the integrity of cyberspace, infrastructure, systems and data that underpin it. A loss of confidence in the integrity endangers the benefits of the technological revolution. The hardware and software developed to facilitate the interconnected digital environment lacks security protection from inception. Malicious actors – hackers, organized criminals and possible foreign governments can exploit this gap. Thus, a comprehensive national strategy is required to address current and rising cyber-threats as well as reduce risks.

National Frequency Plan (NFP)

The National Frequency Plan (NFP) (PDF, 4.9MB, 104 pages) aims at supporting the Telecommunications sector in the Kingdom through the strategic plan of distributing radio frequency spectrum. The plan is prepared and managed by the Information & eGovernment Authority Wireless Licensing, Frequency and Monitoring Directorate.

It aims at managing the frequency spectrum and effective planning; raising the efficiency of its use; creating the necessary conditions for future expansion and new technology advancements; as well as unifying the international technical specifications in accordance to the needs of the telecommunication service users.

The plan seeks to strengthen the infrastructure of the national broadband networks so as to increase its capacity for future expansions and rapid developments in the ICT sector in the Kingdom – in line with the Government Work Plan which contributes in accelerating the country’s development. For more information, please refer to the National Frequency Plan.

The National Frequency Plan has been approved by the Spectrum Strategy Coordination Committee in its 5th meeting on 12th December, 2016. 

National Frequency Plan Chart

The The National Frequency Plan chart (PDF, 3.9MB, 1 page) is considered as a general comprehensive visual guide of the radiocommunication services that are permitted in all frequency bands in Bahrain.

For more details, please refer to the National Frequency Plan (PDF, 4.9MB, 104 pages).

Our International Relations in ICT field

The information & eGovernment Authority maintains continual collaboration in the ICT filed with international organizations in its commitment to achieve excellence in the eGovernment filed, and to ensure the provision of new and innovative initiatives for citizens to reach the desired results.

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You can contact the Information & eGovernment Authority Chief Executive directly on his available communication channels.

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