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Emergency Readiness

Emergency Readiness

“Health for All” is well recognized in Kingdom of Bahrain. The Emergency Medical Services are highly responsive to all emergency calls and requests. All steps needed is to dial the toll-free number 999 from any phone to call for ambulance services and you need to be aware of all emergency calls guidelines .


Salmaniya Medical Complex  is the biggest hospital in Bahrain. The Department of Accident and Emergency at Salmaniya Medical Centre provides pre-hospital emergency medical care services to the sick and injured patients by Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), paramedics, at the scene and during transportation to the hospital. Salmaniya Medical Complex provides Mobile Intensive Care Unit and Routine Services. 


Acute Emergency are: Road Traffic Accident, Cardiac Cases, Acute Respiratory Condition, All Trauma Cases, Burns Cases, Psychiatry Cases, Home Delivery Cases, Neonatal Care, Dead on Location, and others.


There are other public and private hospitals and medical clinics in Bahrain where emergency services are undertaken under the custody of National Health Regulatory Authority  and Ministry of Health .   


First Aid is the first assistance or treatments given to a casualty for any injury or sudden illness before the arrival of the ambulance or qualified medical expert and is one of the fundamental steps in emergency services. Register for a First Aid training course with Bahrain Red Crescent Society .


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Wherever we are, safety always comes at the beginning; our safety at home and at work is a necessity to avoid accidents. Road safety is also the key factor of security to reduce traffic accident numbers . The safety of the entire community is everyone's priority and everyone's responsibility.

Page Last Updated: 18 Sep, 2019