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Changing your commercial address is now available through Bahrain’s business portal Sijilat . To change the mailing address or billing address, you can change it easily by updating your information online. With regards to the addresses of newborns and newlyweds, the address is changed automatically without having to submit any application.

Upon moving to a new address, either as an owner or as a tenant, electricity and water service must be transferred under the user’s name. The application  can be filled online and the transaction will be finalized at any Customer Service Center across Bahrain. Once the electricity and water have been activated for the user, his address will be automatically transferred to the new address. In case he/ she has more than one residential electricity account, the user shall select the official residence address by personal attendance to the Information & eGovernment Authority to update his/ her ID card electronic chip information.

The residential address of the foreign worker in Bahrain can be changed online through the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) website at Expat Management System .    

Page Last Updated: 01 Aug, 2019