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Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service

Bahrain eGovernment program has paid close attention to focus on “Delivering Customer Value through Collaborative Government” to ensure effective delivery of government services to citizens, residents, businesses and visitors (collectively our customers). The Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA)   has transformed more than 500 government services to online eServices provided to the customers through multiple delivery channels.

iGA places Customer Service at the top of its list of priorities. It remains connected with its customers through various channels to address their needs and feedback.  Bahrain’s Government Service Contact Centre, the first-of -its-kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is one of the main channels to enhance communication between the public, private and governmental  entities in the country. The centre offers eGovernment services through a unified, easy-to-remember toll-free number (8000 8001) that operates round the clock aiming to provide services at whole-of-government approach. Taking in consideration to severs vulnerable groups including people with hearing & speech difficulty through video calls supported with sign language.  

The National Suggestion & Complaint system “Tawasul”   is considered as a crowdsourcing mean containing all service-related public agencies in Kingdom of Bahrain available as a web-channel and mobile app. The aim is to provide constituents (including vulnerable groups) a direct online channel with an equal opportunity to address their issues with the public services they have availed and suggest improvements on the overall public services. Tawasul is empowered with a pre-defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) set in coordination with the prime minister office to monitor public agencies’ performance and ensure public satisfaction. In addition, the case in Tawasul will not be closed unless user mark his/ her satisfaction on the public entity’s response. Moreover, entities’ performance in Tawasul is a basic criterion in evaluating and classifying government service centers on a yearly basis where the best performers are honored by the crown prince and prime minister of Bahrain.

Moreover, iGA   communicates with its customers and obtains their feedback through many other channels such as social media tools, online blogs with senior officials, periodic poll questions on the national portal, and organizing direct focus group sessions to run an open discussion with customers about eGovernment services and projects. 

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

The Kingdom of Bahrain has taken serious steps towards transforming the public services and channels to achieve its citizen’s aspirations for a better public sector, more productive and better quality services. Therefore, Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal as mandated by the Bahrain vision 2030. The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) has become one of the main strategic objectives of Bahrain eGovernment Strategy since 2007 to ensure that people have good experience on government portals, and in government service centers.

Customer Satisfaction Study

A comprehensive study conducted on yearly basis in cooperation with University of Bahrain to scientifically measure the customer satisfaction on eGovernment services and channels using an internationally accredited model i.e. the American Customer Satisfaction Model. The survey questions have been comprehensively and scientifically designed by a group of research experts within the university.

Research data is collected on multiple approaches including face-to-face to ensure reliability and reflectiveness of the survey’s sample. The survey results are analyzed and synthesized by the research group and showcased in a comprehensive final report on user experience and satisfaction with a set of recommendations and action plans that need to be addressed by the government.

The results are interlinked and compared with the other satisfaction measurement approaches to ensure consistency and reliability of the study outcomes. the study generates a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) as a comparative index to compare Bahrain’s eGovernment performance among itself as well as with the international benchmark through a national index established by the research team named as Bahrain CSI Model (BHCSI), which is built based on the American CSI Model. The model BHCI has been also published in many journals such as International Journal of Economic Research (PDF. 479KB, 27 Pages).

The Study is conducted annually with minimal amendments in the model and survey questions to ensure consistency and comparability of the results. The results are presented to the supreme committee for ICT, chaired by the deputy prime minister to set the directives and also shared through public media.

Download the full CSI reports:

Customer Satisfaction on eServices

eServices are the major component of Bahrain National portal ( and other channels, and the dynamo of the public service transformation. Therefore, Customer Satisfaction is always obtained after availing the eService to take necessary actions in creating more user-centric services.

Most of the eGovernment services have a user-centric design which is focuses on citizens and residence needs and its updated regularly based on comments and recommendations.

Customer satisfaction on eServices is measured by requesting the user to mark one of the pictograms (Emoji) faces that indicate their satisfaction level toward the experience they have encountered upon availing any of eGovernment Services on the National Portal (responsive over the mobile channel as well). The results are continuously tracked by specialized team to take corrective actions, improve user experience and plan enhancements.

Government Service Centers Evaluation

To complete the customer service improvement cycle, Bahrain has given focal attention even to the government service centers for walk-in customers to ensure high level public services. Under the supervision of the First Deputy Prime Minister Office, Bahrain has developed 92 criteria   under “Taqyeem” program based on international standards for Customer Service Centers to assess all government’s service centers annually and later classify them based on Gold and Silver categories. Customer Satisfaction is one of the main pillars of the criteria which is provided through a mechanism of scanning QR code placed at the service counter using the National Suggestion & Complaint Mobile App (Tawasul  ).

Improvement actions based on Customer Feedback

All customer feedback received from customers are analyzed regularly and improvement plans are taken accordingly.


  1. Adding Free Text to enter the address description ​in Tawasul App
  • Date: 2021
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: Add a feature to allow users to manually entre the address
  • Impact: More information about the address is made available in Fix-2-Go feature in Tawasul App allowing government entities to more accurately identify locations to take corrective action.
  1. Improving Security measures ​for BeAware Bahrain App
  • Date: 2021
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: Security measures have been reviewed to close any gaps based on user feedback
  • Impact: improved security for BeAware Bahrain app users            
  1. Showing Health Records for COVID-19 including recovery details ​in BeAware Bahrain App
  • Date: 2021
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: The health record is made available on the BeAware Bahrain App home screen showing vaccination & recovery details.
  • Impact: Better user-experience and awareness about their COVID related medical history
  1. Reporting Vaccine issues through the BeAware Bahrain App​
  • Date: 2021
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: Introduced a feature for reporting vaccine issues through a simple form via the BeAware Bahrain App​
  • Impact: Quickly resolve any issues related to vaccination information
  1. Adding declaration for Isolation (Home Quarantine)​
  • Date: 2021
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: An eServices for isolation​ certificate is added to the BeAware Bahrain app​
  • Impact: Better user experience by viewing & printing the Isolation certificate via the app
  1. Add BeAware Bahrain App on Huawei store​
  • Date: 2021
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: A version of BeAware Bahrain App in introduced on the Huawei store​
  • Impact: The BeAware Bahrain App can be used by all Huawei devices users.
  1. ​Online service for printing ID card information statement.  ​
  • Date: 2021
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: A new eService was added to the ID Card services that allow users to download a digital version of the ID card information statement using their eKey account.
  • Impact: The new eService provided individuals and businesses a convenient and fast way to get up-to-date and reliable ID card information without the need to visit the ID card centers.
  1. Online Address change ​
  • Date: 2021
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: New eServices was developed to request changing the residential address online via
  • Impact: The entire address changing process have been digitalized which has added value in saving customer’s time and effort.
  1. To digitalize the Driving License ​
  • Date: 2021
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: New feature was added to the eTraffic app that allow users to display a digital version of their driving license via the app.
  • Impact: More flexibility as drivers are no longer required to carry their physical driving license with them when driving.
  1. Registration for COVID-19 vaccination to be through BeAware Bahrain App
  • Date: December 2020
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: Booking appointment for COVID-19 vaccination been added to BeAware Bahrai App and linked to the personal health records of citizens and residents with the option to select the vaccination type
  1. Having PCR certificate for COVID-19 to be through BeAware Bahrain App which make it easier during travelling
  • Date: September 2020
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: PCR certificate supported with QR code has been added to BeAware Bahrain App
  • Impact: Facilitated the travel requirements as PCR for COVID-19 became part of international travel requirements
  1. To have an explanatory video for ID card services to show the steps and requirements
  • Date: September 2020
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: How Do I video has been created for ID card services and published through social media channels
  • Impact: Better understanding of ID eServices steps
  1. Adding Nationality, Passports and Residency Affairs (NPRA) in Tawasul System
  • Date: August 2020
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: Nationality, Passport & Residency Affairs has been added into Tawasul System
  • Impact: Easier communication with NPRA for customer enquiries and complaints
  1. Adding Business-Women as official occupation in the Civil Records as currently the occupation available for Entrepreneurs is only Business Man
  • Date: July 2020
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: Business Women has been added in the occupations list
  • Impact: The change has effected all female entrepreneurs to have a correct title in their official documents
  1. Adding an eService for upgrading eKey account from basic level to advance level, as currently it is required to capture finger print for upgrading. This can be done through video call to verify identity similar to Banks
  • Date: July 2020
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: Upgrading eKey account to Advanced level has been conducted via Video call to manage verification and authentication
  • Impact: Facilitated upgrading the accounts for disabled and elderly people especially during COVID-19 pandemic
  1. Create an educational video on eKey registration and forget password process
  • Date: July 2020
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: How Do I video been created and published
  • Impact: Better understanding of eKey registration steps
  1. Add the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs and Waqf (MOJ) to Tawasul System
  • Date: June 2020
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs and Waqf has been added into Tawasul System
  • Impact: Easier communication with MOJ for customer enquiries and complaints
  1. Enable a feature within BeAware Bahrain app to enable children and house workers to book appointments for COVID-19 test and get results as these people usually do not have smartphones
  • Date: June 2020
  • Source: Customer Care Email
  • Action:  The children and domestic workers been linked to the parent or sponsor ID number in BeAware Bahrain app
  • Impact: Facilitated the appointment booking for the children and domestic workers
  1. Make the good conduct certificate process entirely or predominantly online
  • Date: May 2020
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: Good Conduct Certificate eService has been developed and launched
  • Impact: The application of Good Conduct certificate became easier and can be done anytime and from anywhere
  1. Adding General Directorate of Traffic (GDT) into Tawasul System
  • Date: April 2020
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: General Directorate of Traffic has been added into Tawasul System
  • Impact: Easier communication with GDT for customer enquiries and complaints
  1. Add a feature in Bahrain Postal Service mobile app that enable users to remove postal packages from the page in order to be easier to see the current packages
  • Date: April 2020
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: Removing postal package records from history has been enabled through the Postal Service app
  • Impact: The app became easier for users to remove old package records from the app home page to make it more user friendly
  1. Add more languages to BeAware Bahrain app for the workers in Bahrain such as Indian ,Filipino, and Bengali citizens
  • Date: April 2020
  • Source: Customer Care Email
  • Action: 4 more languages been added to BeAware Bahrain App besides Arabic and English
  • Impact: The App serves more span of users especially the expatriate labours and vulnerable groups
  1. Monitoring COVID-19 Home Quarantine cases through an e-Bracelet connected to GPS
  • Date March 2020
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: e-Bracelet have been introduced and connected to BeAware Bahrain App to manage the home quarantine cases
  • Impact: Better management of Home Quarantine cases
  1. Adding online service for Updating Residential Address
  • Date: February 2020
  • Source: Tawasul System
  • Action: Online service for updating residential address has been developed and launched
  • Impact: Updating address become easier and reduced complains on appointments by 40%

Customer Satisfaction at Identity Card Centres 2021

Customers have the ability to evaluate the Identity Card Centres services through the Tawasul app , by scanning a special code on the service desks. The evaluation contributes to improving the services provided at the Center.


Customer Satisfaction rates at Identity Card Centers

Identity Card Services Improvement Actions Based on Customer Feedback

All customer feedback received from Identity Card customers are analyzed regularly and improvement plans are taken accordingly.
Some services were added and updated based on customer's feedback received from suggestions and complaints box and Tawasul system in 2020 and 2021
1. eGovernment Kiosk have been developed by adding the below services:
  • Card Reader Service 
  • Updating ID Card Chip Detail Service
  • Government Notification Service 
2. Few Address services has been transferred online to
  • Update ID Card Residential Address Service
  • Printing the Residential Address Statement Service
  • Verifying the Residential Address Statement Service
3. ID Card Declaration Forms Service added to
4. Issuing of Unit or Establishment Number Service added to
5. Updating Civil Data Record Services (Marital status, religion, educational, work and family details) added to
6. Changing the fingerprint age from 4 years to 10 years
7. Availability of Birth and Death Certificate Services online via

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