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Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service

Bahrain eGovernment program has paid close attention to focus on “Delivering Customer Value through Collaborative Government” to ensure effective delivery of government services to citizens, residents, businesses and visitors (collectively our customers). The Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) has transformed more than 300 government services to online eServices provided to the customers through multiple delivery channels.

iGA places Customer Service at the top of its list of priorities. It remains connected with its customers through various channels to address their needs and feedback.  Bahrain’s National Contact Centre (NCC), the first-of -its-kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is one of the main channels to enhance communication between the public, private and governmental  entities in the country. NCC offers eGovernment services through a unified, easy-to-remember toll-free number (8000 8001) that operates round the clock aiming to provide services at whole-of-government approach. 

Another important channel is the National Suggestion & Complaint system “Tawasul” which is an essential eChannels that allow citizens, residents and businesses to interact directly with any governmental entity for any suggestion, complaint or enquiry at any time and from anywhere. Tawasul is supported with a pre-defined Service Level Agreements (SLA) and the ability to track the status of the case online. Every governmental entity in Tawasul has assigned a dedicated team to handle the case according to a pre-set performance indicator and time frame which is monitored at senior management and leadership levels.

Moreover, iGA communicates with its customers and obtains their feedback through many other channels such as social media tools, online blogs with senior officials, periodic poll questions on the national portal, and organizing direct focus group sessions to run an open discussion with customers about eGovernment services and projects. 

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

The Kingdom of Bahrain has taken serious steps towards transforming the public services and channels to achieve its citizen’s aspirations for a better public sector, more productive and better quality services. Therefore, Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal as mandated by the Bahrain vision 2030. The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) has become one of the main strategic objectives of Bahrain eGovernment Strategy since 2007 to ensure that people have good experience on government portals, and in government service centers.

Customer Satisfaction Study

Since 2008, The Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) engage an independent professional research firm annually to conduct comprehensive scientific studies on Bahrain eGovernment program in terms of Awareness, Usage, and Satisfaction levels. The main outputs of the study are:

  1. Descriptive study: Descriptive outcomes for the levels of Awareness, Usage and Customer Satisfaction on eGovernment services and channels for the residents and business users. Main outcomes of 2018 descriptive study:
    • Increase in Customer Awareness (93%) compared to 2017 results (87%)
    • Increase in Usage (88%) compared to 2017 results (85%)
    • Increase in Customer Satisfaction (81%) compared to 2017 results (77%)
  2. Bahrain Customer Satisfaction Index (BHCSI): An international benchmarking model to measure eGovernment Customer Satisfaction index on an international level.

The Model has been developed by the University of Bahrain research center (assigned for the CSI project). The model is designed based on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and Bahrain is one of few countries who has developed a scientific model to measure the national CSI for eGovernment services. This practice has been shared as a research paper and published on the International Journal of Economic Research  (PDF. 479KB, 27 Pages).

Main outcomes of the 2018 BHCSI study:

  • BHCSI has been increased to 78 compared to 2017 results 74
  • Bahrain CSI is above the international CSI average that is 75

Download the full CSI reports:

Customer Satisfaction on eServices

eServices are the major component of Bahrain National portal ( and other channels, and the dynamo of the public service transformation. Therefore, Customer Satisfaction is always obtained after availing the eService to take necessary actions in creating more user-centric services.

Most of the eGovernment services have a user-centric design which is focuses on citizens and residence needs and its updated regularly based on comments and recommendations.

Government Service Centers Evaluation

To complete the customer service improvement cycle, Bahrain has given focal attention even to the government service centers for walk-in customers to ensure high level public services. Under the supervision of the First Deputy Prime Minister Office, Bahrain has developed 92 criteria under “Taqyeem” program based on international standards for Customer Service Centers to assess all government’s service centers annually and later classify them based on Gold and Silver categories. Customer Satisfaction is one of the main pillars of the criteria which is provided through a mechanism of scanning QR code placed at the service counter using the National Suggestion & Complaint Mobile App (Tawasul ).

Page Last Updated: 17 Jul, 2019