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Your Voice Matters

The government of Bahrain has strides to foster civic engagement through an open and participatory governance using Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). eParticipation has been considered as a tool to strengthen the public engagement and the collaboration with government. It aims at improving access to information for the citizens and residents as well as fostering citizen’s empowerment and participation in public service improvement, and involvement in the decision-making process.


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Contribute to Repairing Public faults with the Tawasul App


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Integrated System for Connecting with Government Entities

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Directory of Social Media accounts of Government Entities

eParticipation Initiatives

The government has launched many initiatives to foster and encourage the public participation and empower the individuals and businesses to share thoughts and be engaged in the national development plans.

Towards its commitment of using Crowdsourcing (community collaboration) model, the eGovernment program has a coherent and well-defined set of goals and objectives that led to conceiving various eServices initiatives, which are harmonious with the dynamic nature of the digital environment to ensure the sustainability and success of the planned initiatives.

All the initiatives that are planned & implemented based on the model take a citizen's view of what eGovernment will look like and adopt technology to enhance Government to Citizen (G2C) interaction. One such initiative that utilizes the crowdsourcing model is Fix2Go feature in Tawasul app  launched in April 2014.

eParticipation Tools

The Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) is keen to adopt and apply the concept of eConsultancy to obtain the views and public opinions about eGovernment services and projects.

The National Suggestion & Complaint System (Tawasul)

iGA has launched the Tawasul system in 2014 with the aim to provide a one-stop-shop channel for the public to interact with governmental entities regarding any suggestion, compliant or enquiry very easily and at most convenience. Tawasul is featured with many technical advantages that streamline the case handling process by the government entity at a pre-defined Service-Level-Agreement (SLA). Today, there are 37 government entities in Tawasul communicating with their customers through the system.

Submit your Case in Tawasul 


Tawasul as a Mobile App

Tawasul has been also launched as a Mobile App to make it more convenient and user-friendly for the customer to submit the case in no more than 30 seconds.


Download Twasul App 


Fixing Public faults via Tawasul 

Tawasul Mobile App includes Fix2Go feature as a Crowdsourcing tool where it enables the user to snap any public default on the road or any public area and submit it to the concerned authority within less than 30 seconds. Fix2Go is featured with location detector through GPS and clear icons to describe the public issue without the need to identify the concerned authority.

We solve, and we learn

General learnings outcomes and corrective actions based on Tawasul cases:

  • Improving the ID card services and adding more services to it
  • Adding the commercial vehicles to the Vehicle Registration eService
  • Improving the notification process of Passport Renewal eService
  • Tagging the (updated) eServices on eGovernment portal to notify the user
  • Changing the mandatory requirements for some services such as Pre-employment Health Check-up eService, Lease contract Registration, and more.

eGovernment Blog: Communicate with government’s Senior Officials

iGA has thrived to open an interactive platform for the public citizens to communicate with senior officials in the government such as Ministers, Chief Executives, Directors, etc. The eGovernment Blog is a free space for everyone to express their opinions related to the topic on-hand and share his/ her thoughts to be considered in the policies and decision-making process.

Upcoming eGovernment Blogs:

  • Minister of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning- July 2019
  • Chief Executive of Information & eGovernment Authority - August 2019
  • Minister of Youth & Sports Affairs - August 2019


egovernment blog

View previous eGovernment Blogs

Poll Question on bahrain.bh

iGA pays great attention to the public opinions received through the periodic poll question which seeks to obtain the public opinion related to any eService, initiative, customer experience, or decision to be taken by iGA. The public feedback is highly important for iGA to take the necessary decisions and corrective actions to ensure sustainable improvement to their services and channels.


Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal as mandated by the Bahrain vision 2030. The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) has become one of the main strategic objectives of Bahrain eGovernment Strategy since 2007 to ensure that people have good experience on government portals, and in government service centers. Therefore, iGA conducts comprehensive studies to measure the customer satisfaction level of customers and take the corrective actions accordingly.

Rating the Page Content and eService Used

As part of the Crowdsourcing initiatives by iGA on eGovernment services channels, customers may rate the level of their satisfaction on any page content on bahrain.bh as well as their satisfaction on the experience of using any of the eServices provided.

iGA takes serious actions in studying and analyzing all ratings and comments and prepare the necessary corrective plans and actions to respond to all customers’ feedback to meet their expectations.


Social Engagement: Thriving in Social Media

In line with the national digitalization strategy of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the government has proactively taken the actions to engage effectively with the public through social media channels via the  public authorities social media accounts to be closer to the public, responsive and available all the times. The government has also applied a social media monitoring tool to monitor and analyze social engagement with the public through social listening and understanding the sentiments of the public's feedback.



Download Government Directory app 

Social Media Policy

The Kingdom of Bahrain has regulated and organized the communication of public authorities through the launch of the Social Media Policy. The policy has been drafted jointly by Ministry of Information Affairs and iGA and provides clear guidelines for senior officials and employees on how to use the social media tools and how to communicate with the public.


Trending Hashtags In Bahrain

Social Media hashtags are used to showcase the latest events, projects, services and initiatives in Bahrain, and to engage all members of the community in the conversation about their topic of choice. It also provides the public with an opportunity to present their views on government projects through various social networking sites.

These are the current most popular social media hashtags used in Bahrain:


Social Media Hashtags*
General Hastags









#نلبي الواجب

Information & eGovernment Authority












































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Fostering Innovation in Public Service

Government Innovation Competition “Fikra”

His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and Prime Minister of Kingdom of Bahrain has launched a public competition “Fikra ” – meaning idea in Arabic. The Government Innovation Competition aims to stimulate creativity and innovation among the government sector employees and provide them with the opportunity to compete in making effective proposals to develop government performance and public service quality in Bahrain, in-line with the national vision 2030 and the sustainable development goals.

Fikra has attracted a total of 565 innovative applications which have been reviewed intensively by several committees before being evaluated by a high-level Ministerial Committee. Members of the public have actively participated also in the review process by voting for the best 12 ideas of their choice.

The government of Bahrain has given the directions to the concerned governmental entities to start the implementation process of the best qualified ideas.

Citizen’s Aspiration in the Government Forum

The Government Forum is an annual high-level platform for government leaders, parliament members, and senior public officials in Bahrain to meet, discuss the recent challenges and set the general direction of the government action plan.

Citizens and residents of Bahrain may share their aspiration and suggestions online which will be valuable inputs for the Government forum agenda and the national development plans.

government forum

Share your Aspiration now 



Bahrain eGovernment Excellence Award

The eGovernment Excellence Award  is a strategic platform to recognize, reward, and showcase the pioneering ICT initiatives in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Over the years, the eGovernment Excellence Award has become the cornerstone to encourage Bahraini Governments, Private entities, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), and citizens to share ICT innovations, aiming to further enhancing the Kingdom’s digital community as part of Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030.


Bahrain eGovernment Excellence Award

Review the winning projects and initiatives of Bahrain Excellence Award 

Page Last Updated: 18 Apr, 2021