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Safety and Security First

Safety & Security First

Your Safety & Security are on the top of our priorities. The Ministry of Interior (MOI) is committed to provide all individuals and corporates in Bahrain with the peace-of-mind and achieve sustainable security for all without any discrimination in-line with the national Economic Vision 2030 and the sustainable development goals. In order to be closer to the local community, efficiency and modernization are also a key priority for the Ministry. Therefore, MOI has adopted latest technology to improve efficiency at work by saving time and efforts while improving the capabilities of its police agents to be socially closer to the community. 


The Ministry of Interior  has developed a comprehensive portal covering all the MOI agencies and General Directorates and provides the public with all information and services they need in one online platform. You may report any complaint or case through the portal, get all emergency contacts and avail many online services online. Confidentiality and privacy of measures are strictly maintained.


Nazaha 992  is a form of community partnership to combat corruption and improve awareness of its dangers for the whole ecosystem. Nazaha is a direct communication online channel between the civil society and the General Directorate of Anti-corruption and Economic and Electronic Security to report any corruption in the private or public sectors. 

The National Suggestion & Complaints System (Tawasul)

The National Suggestion & Complaints System Tawasul  is an online system available for the citizens and residents to communicate with over 33 public entities and submit all their suggestions, inquiries and complaints, including safety and security related issues. The system offers special features including ability to attach files, track cases with reference numbers received via the SMS, and will respond to your case within a pre-defined service level agreement (SLA). Tawasul is also available as a Mobile App .

People with Special Needs

Individuals with special needs and disability are an integral part of this community. Inclusiveness and leaving no-one behind are a national directions for all of our services. The Ministry of Interior takes a great deal of responsibility towards protecting, serving them, and empower them with self-dependency. In addition to special attention dedicated to this group, the Emergency Room and Operations at the Ministry has introduced a dedicated video call number for the people with hearing and speech disability to meet their needs in any emergency cases. At the back end, the Ministry has prepared and trained their employees with the skills and knowledge needed to deal with this individuals.


Emergency number for people with hearing and speech disability:





Other emergency numbers 

Page Last Updated: 24 Mar, 2020