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Persons with Disabilities in Bahrain

Persons with Disabilities in Bahrain

Everyone in the Kingdom of Bahrain has the right to live a safe and decent life. Therefore, “inclusiveness” and “leaving no-one behind” are fundamental in the service delivery in Bahrain. People with disabilities are well taken care of in the local community and given close attention under the custody of Bahrain government.


The Kingdom has developed the “National Strategy for Persons with Disabilities ” to improve the promotion and protection of human rights of disabled individuals. The Strategy provides guidance to government sectors, NGOs, the private sector, professional groups, educators, advocates, and society at large, on the tasks required to ensure that the rights of persons with disabilities are effectively observed and realized.


The Strategy commits society to moving forward in a way that guarantees that persons with disabilities are treated with dignity and respect and recognizes fully their place in society. It adopts a human rights and development approach to disability which focuses on the removal of barriers to equal participation and the elimination of discrimination.


Based on the Bahrain’s Disabled Law , a High Commission for Disabled Affairs  has been established and chaired by the Minister of Labour & Social Development with the membership of key senior officials from the government, civil society and the private sector.


Several laws and official resolutions  have been issued in respect to the persons with disabilities which ensures the government commitment towards supporting and empowering them to live a decent life without any kind of discrimination.  


The Ministry of Labour & Social Development  is the official public entity responsible for the persons with disability in Bahrain. They coordinate with the concerned parties in the public and private sectors to facilitate their services across the ecosystem such as social allowances, public transportation, public facilities, healthcare, education, rehabilitation programs, career development, sport, etc.


There are many significant initiatives by the governmental and private entities towards the disabled groups. For example, the Ministry of Interior has introduced a video call centre to cater emergency calls from disabled people. Ministry of Education has taken the initiative to integrate disabled students into the public schools while taking into consideration all readiness and requirements needed.


Bahrain is paying special attention to the people with disabilities and consider them as an important part of the society. Public parks, ministries, malls, airport, hotels and mosques are will equipped to absorb these people. The ministries and banks are facilitating their daily transactions. You can find the wheel chairs all around the places in the kingdom of Bahrain.


Disabled Services Centre  is specialized in employing the disabled in the private and non-governmental sectors and oversees processing their requests and applications.


The Services of the Centre:


  • Employing the disabled
  • Training the disabled and educating and guiding the disabled and their families
  • Operating the hotline and solving the problems of the disabled and their families
  • Providing consultations and social, psychological and legal services.
  • Conducting specialized research on disabilities
  • Providing educational printouts
  • Training the disabled to drive
  • Issuing Identification cards for the disabled


Ministry of Labour and Social Development  enables Bahraini citizens with special needs to view information about the rehabilitation services offered to them and enquire about the necessary procedures for the registration to benefit from these services through the eGovernment Portal.


The services dedicated to persons with disability are:



Page Last Updated: 18 Sep, 2019