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To become the leading advanced channel of choice for government and non-government online services.


  • To be a one stop shop for online services.
  • To provide informational, interactive and transactional services, including online payment facility by adopting modern technology standards.
  • To be aligned with Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.
  • To be the highest customer centric delivery channel providing convenient and easy access to the services by establishing electronic ways of linking people and the public service.
  • To provide a platform for customers to give their feedback and participate in framing government policies and enhancing service delivery.
  • To spread awareness and knowledge of online government services.


  • To be a 24/7 service delivery channel.
  • Enhance our customers’ experience by expanding our online services to more than 350.
  • To be an integration platform for government services.
  • To be a platform for customer preferred government and non-government services.
  • To provide media such as the National Suggestion and Complaint system “Tawasul”, Social media, Live Chat, Discussion Forums and/or blogs to citizens and businesses to participate and comment on policies and issues.


  • All individual citizens and residents of Bahrain.
  • Businesses.
  • Government entities and employees.
  • Visitors.

General Standards

  • We will strive to provide correct and accurate information through the National Portal. Information available on the National Portal is updated as required.
  • We will ensure 24/7/365 availability with 99% uptime for the portal.
  • We will bring together a combination of industry-proven security technologies to protect data of our customers. Our portal features password controlled system entry and SSL protocol for data encryption.
  • National Portal is 100% compatible with Internet Explorer version 10.0 and above , and mostly compatible with the recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, and other major web browsers.
  • The National Portal is available in both Arabic and English languages.
  • We encourage Complaints, suggestions, enquiries, and feedback on our services and the portal through various mediums like the National Suggestion and Complaints System (Tawasul), Service rating form, polls, forum, and blogs, etc.
  • We respect individuals and entities rights to privacy and confidentiality.
  • The National Portal has defined handling grievances process to provide necessary support to the customers.
  • Customers can share their satisfaction level with our services by conducting the online survey on the National Portal.

Service specific standards definition

The National Portal provides information and services which are created and maintained by various public and private organizations; the availability of the service and the accuracy of the information is the responsibility of the respective entity providing the service through the National Portal.

Customer compliments and complaints

We are committed to provide you with efficient and high quality services at all times. We realise that despite our best efforts, things can go wrong and when this happens we would like to hear from you. If you have any grievances for any of the services offered through the National portal or you wish to provide suggestions / feedback, please contact us through the following channels:


  1. All grievances, complaints and suggestions will be accepted and forwarded to concerned party in a timely manner.
  2. All grievances, complaints and suggestions will receive an acknowledgment within the same business day of receipt of the same.
  3. The details of the customer would be treated in confidentiality.
  4. Each grievance would be considered for the merit of the case and will be provided a feedback.
  5. The customer will be communicated with the action taken and in case of any delay status of the complaint.

We welcome all of your suggestions, enquiries and complaints, as we welcome your feedback and satisfaction on our services.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

The Kingdom of Bahrain has taken serious steps towards transforming the public services and channels to achieve its citizen’s aspirations for a better public sector, more productive and better quality services. Therefore, Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal as mandated by the Bahrain vision 2030. The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) has become one of the main strategic objectives of Bahrain's eGovernment Strategy since 2007 to ensure that people have good experience on government portals, and in government service centers.

More information about Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Page Last Updated: 23 Jan, 2022