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Initiatives and Achievements

In order to meet the objectives of the eGovernment, and achieve integration and coordination among all government ministries and entities in Bahrain, a number of strategic projects and initiatives had to be implemented according to the National eGovernment Strategy 2016. Other projects and initiatives were later added when the need for them emerged in the course of implementing the eGovernment strategy, these projects include:

For more comprehensive details on eGovernment initiatives and achievements please take a look at the “Bahrain eGovernment Strategy 2007-2010: Objectives and Achievements” (PDF, 8.3MB, 112 pages) Booklet.

Impact of the eGovernment Program Initiatives

Following the release of the National eGovernment Strategy, a large number of eGovernment program initiatives were executed to benefit every sector and society segment, in which have made great strides in improving and supporting the Bahrain’s national economy.

Recognitions & Awards of the eGovernment Program

During its short journey, the Information and eGovernment Authority has gained a tremendous record of achievements and milestones; making its program an icon in the map of internationally developed countries in this sector. It has staged its powerful presence as a strong competitor within the GCC, Arab and global regions.

Page Last Updated: 11 Sep, 2017