Bahrain Bourse Services for Investors


These services, provided by Bahrain Bourse, allow investors to access the following:

  1. Portfolio: View the details of ownership resulted from Buy/Sell of Securities (Shares, Bonds/Sukuk & REITs), through broker firms which include the number of owned shares, number of available shares and number of pledged shares if any.
  2. Transactions: View all types of securities transactions’ details including but not limited to ownership entitlements such as bonus shares details.

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eService is available on the following Channels

desktop channel Portal (



contact_center National Contact Center (8000 8001)

How to use the Service

  1. Click on “Launch Service”, the service page will open in a new browser window
  2. Enter the investor number and password then click on “Login”
  3. Select the desired service from the services tabs
  4. Follow the instructions and enter the required information

Service Preview

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