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Birth Certificate Services


This service is provided by the Ministry of Health. It allows citizens and residents to request for birth certificate for the new births and pay the fees online. In addition, parents can issue replacement of birth certificate and pay the fees online.

This service is currently available in the following hospitals:

  • Salmaniya Medical Complex
  • Jidhafs Maternity Hospital
  • King Hamad University Hospital
  • Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
  • American Mission Hospital
  • Bahrain International Hospital
  • Bahrain Specialist Hospital
  • Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital
  • Royal Bahrain Hospital
  • Al Kindi Specialist Hospital
  • Noor Specialist Hospital
  • Al Hilal Hospital
  • Awali Hospital
  • Middle East Hospital

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eService is available on the following Channels

desktop channel Portal (Bahrain.bh)

Kiosks Kiosks


contact_center National Contact Center (8000 8001)

How to use the Service

  1. Click on "Launch Service"
  2. If you wish to issue birth certificate for new births, kindly select “Request for Birth Certificate” service
  3. If you wish to request for replacement of birth certificate, kindly select “Replacement of Birth Certificate” service

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Service Owner
Ministry of Health

Address: Awal Avenue - Juffair

Telephone: 17288888

Fax: 17286691

P.O. Box: 12

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