Register Work Accident

This service allow employers to register work accidents and daily allowances in the SIO records with no need to personally attend and submit papers. Employers can also track the progress of worker accidents transactions on-line until completion.

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   Required Documents

  • Employer’s and worker’s Bank Account details .
  • Work accident details including accident location and time, accident type and details.
  • Daily allowances details including leaves start and end date and copy of the sick leaves.

The attachment requirements differ and is based on the Cause/ Result/ Injury Status of an Accident

  • Emergency Report
  • Address of Employer and Insured worker
  • Attendance Report of same month when accident happened
  • Traffic Report
  • Audiogram Report for hearing loss (Old + New)
  • Job location noise measurement report
  • Report from Employer about overtime or extra effort done by an Insured worker.
  • Attendance Report of 3 months before Accident
  • If Injury Status is ‘Death’, then there is need to attach: Death Certificate


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