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Training Required For The Job Market

Human capital is playing a key role in the national development agenda of Kingdom of Bahrain. Therefore, the government pays close attention to the investment in its human capital to ensure qualities of the people intelligence, knowledge, education, training, talents, skills and experience. Bahrain is the homeland to a highly skilled local and global workforce with very high human capital development index as per WEF, World Bank and UNDP reports.
As part of its commitment towards sustainable development goals (SDGs)and the national development agenda, Bahrain government has taken serious steps to equip its people with the skills they need to meet the ever-changing labor market requirements. Moreover, the government aimed at bridging the gap in certain economic sectors through providing the necessary customized training and development programs to ensure the quality of education and sustainable economic growth. 
The government of Bahrain has launched many initiatives towards skills and training development to support the labor market with the needed skills and knowledge catered for the youth, women, entrepreneurs, public and private sector. Below are few examples the initiatives: 


The Labor Fund or Tamkeen (an Arabic term that means empowerment) is a public authority established as one of the cornerstones of Bahrain’s national reform initiatives and Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 to support the private sector and reinforce its role as key player in the national development. With its unique business model, Tamkeen generate the labor fund from the private sector and re-inject it into the market as Professional Certifications, Training and Wage Subsidy program, and business startups support programs. This model ensures the sustainability of the skills and economic development of the country. 
Tamkeen has two primary objectives - firstly, foster the development and growth of enterprises, and second provide support to enhance the productivity and training of the national workforce. To achieve these objectives -Tamkeen's 2018 - 2020 strategy focuses on diversifying offerings, accelerate delivery and sustaining impact. Several innovative programs are provided to Bahraini and and businesses across all economic sectors which includes professional training, business financing, grants, business advisory startups support, and many more. These programs help develop the capabilities of Bahraini individuals and enterprises in the Kingdom; it also integrates new critical concepts for a vibrant, sustainable private sector. With over 330 different initiatives, Tamkeen has invested more than $440mn in supporting training and business development, served more than 170,000 Bahraini individuals and businesses to date.

Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA)

BIPA aims at achieving advanced government performance that supports economic and social development plans. This objective is achieved through investing in public employees’ skills and knowledge as well as building their capacity for performance development. Such initiative will lead towards the improvement of public sector performance with the aim of keeping abreast of developmental ambitions and achieve a sustainable economic growth. 
In addition to many customized training programs designed for the public sector, BIPA provides training for public employees under the National Leadership Development Program, which includes training for new joiners and existing employees, middle management as well as senior and executive management with the aim to reinforce the performance and capabilities and prepare a second-line for future leadership in government. 

BIPA has trained more the 55.5% of trainees from the civil service. It submitted 356 projects to develop government work. 12% of the trainees were promoted to leadership positions. BIPA trained 30% of whole heads of departments. 
 Apply online to eCourses offered by BIPA. (for public service employees) 

In addition to the above, there are many private institutes in Bahrain from the private sector that offer qualifications and training courses online and accredited by the concerned authorities. 

Page Last Updated: 24 Sep, 2019