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Government Action Plan and Bahraini Economic Vision 2030

The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Government Action Plan (2019-2022), titled “Financially Balanced and Sustainable Economic and Social Security”, is focused on the gains made by government and its people towards Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030, which in turn is in line with the SDGs.

The program outlines all the directions, policies, and initiatives to be achieved over its specified four years in order to maintain security and stability and provide essential services to citizens in a manner that maintains current standards and does not create any further burdens. In addition, it will aim to improve their living conditions so that they can remain focused on activities that support development, which is the primary goal.

The Government Action Plan includes nine general goals that the government aims to achieve between 2019 and 2022 through these three steps:

  1. Enhancing the main pillars of country and society
  2. Financial sustainability and economic development
  3. Securing a supportive environment for sustainable development