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Open Government Data

A platform for open government data and initiatives

Bahrain government believes in the importance of data in empowering the community and the national development agenda. As the government is the greatest source of data, Bahrain government has opt to provide primary, complete, timely, and easily accessible data that is publicly available in a way that can be reused free of charge and without any restrictions.

Bahrain Open Data Portal has been developed as a single window and dedicated portal for Open Government Data with many advanced features. The portal facilitates previewing, analyzing and downloading extensive number of datasets for research, reports and business development purposes by the potential public users. Statistical national data are also available with a dashboard and graphical presentation, in addition to perform comprehensive analysis for Bahrain and its districts with no restrictions, as part of the government initiatives towards transparency and public participation. Datasets are provided by the concerned related public authorities and cover multi-sectors and fields such as economic, education, health, public budget, transportation, social statistics, population, labor market, etc.

Open Government Data Policy

The Open Data Portal (“the Portal”) of the Government of Bahrain (“the Government”), available through, provides all interested parties with easy access to a wealth of official non‑confidential and public data (the “Data”). Such Data is sourced, by the Information & eGovernment Authority (“iGA”), from all Government entities (the “Entities” or “Entity”) based on their specific roles and responsibilities, and is made available through the Portal using several formats, including raw data and graphical representations.

Whilst the iGA shall spare no effort in enriching the Portal with up-to-date Data and statistics, use of the Data must adhere to, and governed by, a number of principles to ensure the Portal serves its overarching objectives and facilitates the dissemination of Data in line with Bahrain Government’s strategy. To view the open data policy in the Kingdom of Bahrain, click here.

Open Data Initiatives

Open Data is well regulated in Bahrain under the personal data protection law (PDPL) which came into action in 2018 to regulate the data dissemination process and gives individuals in Bahrain rights in relation to how their personal data can be collected, processed and stored.

Besides the Open Data Portal, there are many other government websites that provides open data sets such as: